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Finnabair new products Winter 2020 - vol.2 - Matte Waxes and Art Daily Journals

Hello, my friends!
Yesterday we were sharing our first portion of Winter 2020 inspiration with you and your response was just phenomenal - thank you so much for this!
Today we show you the second part of products from my Winter 2020 release. If you haven't seen the first one - stencils and tissue papers - click here to read the post.

Winter 2020 Release

In this release I have something for you, that is TOTALLY NEW!
I believe you will fall in love with this new range of Waxes as much as I do. My newest line of Waxes is Art Alchemy Matte Waxes, which means they are opaque, antiquing products - and they work amazingly well with acrylic paints or Art Alchemy Metallique Waxes from my range! Below you can see 6 new colours:

967857 - Finnabair Wax Paste - Old White
967864 - Finnabair Wax Paste - Patina Green
967871 - Finnabair Wax Paste - Patina Blue
967888 - Finnabair Wax Paste - Rusty Brown
967895 - Finnabair Wax Paste - Rusty Red
967901 - Finnabair Wax Paste - Charcoal Black

The effect you can achieve with these new babies is different than the one achieved with regular Metallique Waxes. In fact, they are a perfect cross between my Rust and Patina Pastes - as they are matte and antiquing (but NOT textured!) and my Metallique Waxes - with their permanent, water resisting finish, creamy consistency and wax base! Would you like to see what am I talking about? Below you can see some samples:

Aleksandra Mihelic created this beautiful altered project with two new Matte Waxes: Old White and Patina Blue. Once more, notice how different is the effect of Matte Waxes compared to Metallique ones.

List of supplies:

967055 - Finnabair – Altered Metal Frame – Alarm Clock
961459 - Finnabair – Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – Black
967871 - Finnabair - Art Alchemy – Matte Wax – Patina Blue
967857 - Finnabair – Art Alchemy – Matte Wax – Old White
966768 - Finnabair – Art Alchemy – Metallique Wax – Old Denim
963958 - Finnabair – Art Alchemy – Metallique Wax – Vintage Gold
965143 - Finnabair – Art Alchemy – Metallique Acrylic Paint – Royal Blue
964948 - Finnabair – Art Daily – Words You Need – Stickers
966294 - Finnabair – Art Ingredients – Melange Art Pebbles – Vintage
966638 - Finnabair –  Mould – Stars and Moons
963446 - Finnabair – Mechanicals – Steampunk Blades
960230 - Finnabair – Mechanicals – Mini Roman Numerals
961091 - Finnabair – Mechanicals – Vintage Trinkets
967086 - Finnabair – Mechanicals – Antique Labels
964511 - Finnabair – Art Alchemy – Impasto – Snow White

Last but not least I would like to show you 2 totally new journals. One has white pages and it fits perfectly my Art Daily Album, and the other has brown pages and it is smaller - 5.5''x5.5''. Both of them have sturdy covers, that can be altered in any desired way. Here they are:

968113 - Art Daily Chipboard Journal 5.5x8
968120 - Art Daily Chipboard Journal 5.5x5.5

Katja Joulak has used my new stencils, new tissue papers and new Matte Waxes to alter the covers of new square Art Journal. Take a look at how fabulous is the effect.

The cover was covered with Charcoal Black Matte Wax that combined with Rusty Brown gave a fabulous, worn, rusty effect.

List of supplies:
967086 - Finnabair - Mechanicals - Antique Label
967093 - Finnabair - Mechanicals - Hardware Accents
967345 - Finnabair - Liquid Acrylic Paint Ink Black
967222 - Finnabair - Liquid Acrylic Paint Burnt Sienna
966164 - Finnabair - Icing Paste Vintage Gold
966195 - Finnabair - Icing Paste Firde Ruby
961459 - Finnabair - Black Heavy Gesso
 967932 - Finnabair 6x9 Stencil - Gothic
968120 - Finnabair  - Art Daily - Chipboard Journal 5.5x5.5
967901 - Finnabair - Matte wax - Charcoal Black
967888 - Finnabair  - Matte Wax - Rusty Brown
967895 - Finnabair Wax Paste - Rusty Red
968090 - Finnabair Tissue Paper - Romantica
968106 - Finnabair Tissue Paper - Notes
964832 - Finnabair - Art Daily - Vintage Photobooth
964948 - Finnabair – Art Daily – Words You Need – Stickers

I can't express how happy and excited I am with all the new products - it is always a magical moment when they finally arrive and you can share them with the world! I know that you eagerly wait for them to be in stores. So do I! I really can't wait to see, what you will create using my new tissue papers, matte waxes stencils and art-journals. 

If you haven't had any chance to see my FB live yet, here is the link to the recording. I show there all new products and I talk about them in detail.

Have a great Sunday!!
sending hugs xxx


pjpem said...

Absolutely spellbinding, can't wait to get all the 2020 releases!! Beautiful work!!

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Lynn Avery said...

Can't wait to try all these Beautiful colors. ��

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