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Introduction to Art Basics Line - all about the products, tips and ideas:

Introduction to Art Basics Line - Gesso - all about Gesso and how to use it:

Introduction to Art Ingredients and Art Extravagance - ideas, tips and techniques:

Art Ingredients Mica Powders:

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With Soft Gels, 3D Gels, Micro beads, Mica Powders and more!

Introduction to Art Basics Soft Gels by Finnabair and Prima Marketing. Basic techniques, ideas and tips from Finnabair.

Short video with brief description of Finnabair's Art Basics Line (by Prima Marketing). Soft Gels, 3D Gels, Light Paste and Modeling Paste - all the info you want to know before you start:)

Short video with brief description of Finnabair's Art Basics Gessos in White and Black (by Prima Marketing). Tips, information and ideas from Finnabair.

Art Extravagance - Product Presentation (Scrapbook Expo 2014)
Short video with brief description of Finnabair's Art Extravagance Line (by Prima Marketing) including Sand Texture Pastes and Crackle Texture Pastes. Tips, information and ideas from Finnabair.

Quick Tips and Ideas:

Prima Quick Look and Quick Tips: 


Unknown said...

This is my first visit to this tutorial blog, WOW, I've just watched the altered camera, the tute on mica powders, I'm so addicted already! cant wait to watch and learn so much. Winters not going to be nearly as tough as I thought, this will be my winter go to, thank you so much for sharing this.

madisonznana said...

It is way too hard to pick one favorite. I have enjoyed them all, but two videos on your waxes are amazing. I so enjoy playing with them. And it was great to see how many different ways you apply them.

Robin said...

I just watched 3 videos. I got to say I can't wait to try your waxes! I have never used wax in my art. I have some of your metallic paints and some brushes and I LOVE them!

Unknown said...

Hello Finnabair,
I love all your videos, it's hard to choose but one of my favorite is "All About Art Ingredients and Art Extravagance", from where I learned lots of interesting things and I could find the right products for me and my projects! :) Ciao!
Roberta Genova

Unknown said...

This is my 3rd time trying to post a reply and I LOVE, LOVE the new Impasto paints. They look amazing and I NEED THEM!!!
You may see other posts from me and I said the paints are "impatico" paint. So sorry!!!
Liz Walters

Sheri W said...

I love the the patina effects. The colors are great and I can't wait to use them. I also love the new Impasto Paints. Such lovely shades.

Melody said...

These are some great ideas. There is so much you can do with these products.

Kaz said...

Wow so many products so lil money hahaha­čśů so beautiful and creative..cheers

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