Thursday 31 March 2016

Time for something new... - class release 2016!

Hi again my friends... I'm back with some exciting news for you... yes, it is time to reveal my new classes which will be available starting 1st of April 2016!
As always it is something I was working on for quite a long time - so I hope the offer will be inspiring for you and we will meet in the classrooms soon!

Ready or not - here are my new class projects
(full descriptions are available in the Live Classes section here - check out the dates for 2016 too!)

Starting with mixed-media panel:

Going to canvas and collage projects:

And finally going to Altered Art:

What is your favourite? Let me know!
I hope to hear back from you in the comments!
huge hugs!

Monday 28 March 2016

Butterfly Catcher

Happy Spring Monday, Everyone!
Let's go catching butterflies, shall we? :)
Irina's creativity and imagination will make us all feel inspired by this beautiful season and maybe use the most unexpected objects to create some great assemblage Art...
{p.s. Pssst... Irina's butterfly is real! :) }

Recently, a small tin landed in my hands. I thought for a while about it and what new life I could give it. I imagined what it could look like with the passing of time and decided to recreate a worn, vintage look.
This is how my vision turned out:

Here's my short tutorial of how I got from an ordinary can to a magical Butterfly Catcher. :)
I hope you'll feel inspired!

1. The base of my project was a simple canned food tin. I carefully lifted the lid and washed it really well. Then I covered the surface with alcohol inks and waited for them to dry. These inks are perfect to use on metal.

2.  I wanted to create the effect of a rusty can and the best medium to do that are the new Rust Pastes. They are so gorgeous! I love them and you will too!
To apply the pastes I used a silicone brush. This is another amazing novelty! Again, I waited for everything to dry. The paste should dry thoroughly! Yes, creating mixed media might take a long time, but I do not like to hurry with my art pieces. I enjoy the very process of creation.

3. The next stage was using different decorative elements to create an interesting texture and add to the 'worn by time' feel: Art Stones, Mini Art Stones, Art Ingredients like Micro Beads and Mica Flakes.
3D Gloss and Matte Gels served as excellent adhesives. I covered both the interior and exterior surfaces of the jar.

4.  I continued to create the story of an old rusty can. This time I added some lovely rusty Mechanicals + Heavy Body Gel. Can you see how perfectly the Grungy Butterfly matched the whole idea?

5. I added a little color using Art Alchemy Metallique Ancient Coin acrylic paint.
I also decorated the lid of a jar. And at the last moment, I pinned a real butterfly from my collection.

6. My project is ready!

Wishing you a beautiful, creative Spring!

Materials used:

Sunday 27 March 2016

Keep on Dreaming... - collage

This is not very usual that I really like my classroom project - when teaching I'm always more focused on the process, sharing the knowledge, helping the students and my own creation is only a canvas to show the techniques and effects which are possible to achieve. I don't intend to make a masterpiece (but this also apply to my regular, everyday creations - and what I advise to my students!) - I just jump and dive into creative experience and I'm ready to accept  the results, no matter what will happen :)
This time somehow, the result was really pleasing - so I plan to keep it and put it on the wall somewhere in my house or studio! Why not!

This collage was made during "Daydreamer" class - I love this class because it is a mixture of some of my really favourite techniques, showing the wide range of effects you can get using Art Basics Gel Mediums in a creative way. I love this collaging technique, transparent, textured layers and rich, metallic colour!

These layered effects were done using my new Double Sided Textutre Brushes - 3D Gloss Gel is great for this technique as it dries really transparent and has nice, not too heavy body which makes it easy to spread with palette knives.

I'm really happy with the final colour palette - I used a wide range of metalic paints from Art Alchemy Metallique collection - and they did great job here! I love how vibrant and rich they are and their beautiful, creamy consistence makes them so easy to apply.

the whole composition was glued with Art Basics Heavy Body Gel - the thickest one from Gel Mediums in my collection. It dries fast and it is really VERY sticky - perfect for any dimensional collage or assemblage gluing!

Here is the list of the products I used  - listed from our Mixed media Place Store:

I hope you enjoyed this project and it gave you some inspiration.
Please remember to come back soon to see another great tutorial from my super talented Creative Team and some more of my own creations and tutorials!
Sending warmest hugs and best Easter wishes

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