Thursday 29 August 2013

Small but grungy!

Perhaps some of you know this by now, if not - here's my confession: I'm not a fan of small forms...
Which is an understatement really. ;) Somehow I don't feel I can spread my wings on small surfaces. Large canvases? Yes, please!!! But cards, ATCs, really my cup of tea - as much as I love tea. ;)
But from time to time I get an assignment to create something small and I must say it is a challenge but hey, don't you love a good one? This is actually one of the best ways to test yourself or to break out of a creative rut - to try something different from your ordinary ways - a colour that you don't usually use, a new tool, or - there we go - a size that we don't usually work with. I think it might be refreshing.
Today I would like to show you some works that I created for Sizzix with Flora Grande Collection by Prima Marketing ( yes, they did it!) - and here comes some good news - you can make them too! It's just enough to hop on this site, sign up and enjoy all the detailed downloads that will guide you to create some deliciously grungy small forms. :)
All the projects are based on my Sunrise Sunset collection.

prima card always & forever grunge

prima butterfly card

prima layout

prima rose tag

So...darling readers... are you ready to challenge yourself?
How about trying something different today?

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Enigmatic 2502

Sometimes it's good to take a breath from opulent forms, textures and elements and create something pure and minimalistic. That's why my "2502" LO was born. :)
I decided to stick to a very simple composition:


Starting with a simple white cardstock I added some scraps of papers from A4 pad from my latest collection, Sizzix cutouts and elements from my Mechanicals line to add depth and embellish the photo plus some new Vintage Vanity stamps, washi tapes, twine and splashes with tea and Luminarte  Primary Elements Pigments to add this little extra flavour...

Hope you have a lovely day! :)

Sunday 25 August 2013

Quiet time... and Some Sizzix Friday sharing :)

Looks like it is not my best time now - after intense months of travels, moving, working my body told me to stop and  instead of having great classes with lovely people in Scotland I'm here, home, in bed - fighting with throat infection and feeling weak as a kitten :( Oh well - I knew I asked for it, but you can imagine the level of my frustration and disappointment! Hope fully the classes will be rescheduled...

As I'm sick I don't have energy to do anything creative or go online for longer than few minutes, so today I'm only sharing a small project I've made in my friend's Round Robin - inspired by cut-out leftovers I had on my desk. You can learn more about the project and the process here, on blog, an if you'll dig a bit deeper you'll find more project I haven't publish here :) Happy exploring!

2_16 journal page

Text: Rubens, in his famous painting titled: "Venus in front of the mirror" had shown us the ideal of feminine beauty of his times. How changed the criteria of prettiness.

P.S. I'm planning to be back soon, especially there is plenty of photos from ProzArt 2013 to share:) Keep fingers crossed for me!

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Flying in, flying out....

Hi there friends! Yes, I'm alive, still alive and yes, I'm here just for a super short moment before I will pack (tonight) and fly to Poland for our first, amazing, breathtaking and super exciting Creative Escape  - ProzArt! I can't wait to see all the girls, can't wait to see our dream coming true!
I'm more than sure it will be the best time for all of us! When'll be back I promise to spend more time here, dusting the corners and scaring the spiders away... there are some changes coming, and i hope it means this place will be alive again! Woo hoo!

In the meantime I'm sharing one of the projects featuring my Mechanicals line - this time we've got mere washers, pendant elements, center elements and flourishes added...perfect for mixed-media, altered art and jewelry! The background was stamped with my new Prima background stamps from - Vintage Vanity Line and the stencils is one of my new Elementals.... I hope you will like it!

Art - new Prima by Finn

BTW - this layout was an inspiration on the challenge blog Lift Summer Crafts - made by a group of wonderful women! The challenge is closed now, but all the entries were more than beautiful and I'm sure you will find a lot of great inspiration there:) The other challenges on the blog are still running too - maybe you want to join the fun?
See you soon guys and thank you for all the lovely emails and comments I got from you - you are simply the best!

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