Thursday 29 May 2014

Sometimes I'm Overemotional

Hello, Friends!
Just before going away on my new art journey, I'd like to show you my new double canvas.
I created this piece during my Overemotional classes. We take two canvases and put them together to make a perfect whole. A story about emotions, moods and colors.

I had this idea one day when I felt like creating a larger scale collage and I didn't have a big enough canvas at hand. What I did (and what we also do during this class) was that I took some masking tape and wrapped it around the edges of two canvases to put them together. After I finished, I simply cut them back in half and had a perfect diptych. :)
Let me also add that masking tape makes for a perfect background start in this case.

This class makes it possible to express our feelings via rich textures and all kinds of delicious details.
We get our hands dirty with gesso (and I mean A LOT of it!), heavy gel medium, some stamping to add depth, and of course colors reflecting your personality and moods.

We either play with my beloved Primary Elements Artist Pigments - like:

- or you could spray your heart away with a wonderful new hit from Prima - Color Bloom Sprays:

If you're curious, here are some of the other supplies that I used:

I can't tell you enough how magical these classes are - for me as a teacher, too...
I think it's amazing that we can express all kinds of emotions with a little bit of paint and some lace flowers. ;)

Lots of hugs and wishing you a wonderful creative weekend!

Friday 23 May 2014

Gypsy Magic!

Hello, friends!
Today I'd like to show you a layout that has a very special place in my heart.
I wanted to capture a moment from an amazing experience that was my last year's Australian CreARTe tour - some really crazy fun times I had with Rae - if you follow my Instagram, you probably noticed some of our mad adventures. ;)
So here it is: Crazy Gypsy Girls ;)

I wanted this piece to be light, colorful, fun and optimistic - to capture the insane energy of that trip.
So I limited myself to some great vibrant watercolors, a little bit of masking to add some depth and some wild embellishments centred around our photo.

Can you feel the fun vibe? ;)

Below you can find the materials I used to create this piece:

I hope you collect some fun wild memories on your travels this year! :)
Lots of hugs

Monday 19 May 2014

Anything You Imagine Is Real!

Hello, friends!
One of my very favorite among my live workshops is my Imagine class.
I love watching my students walk out of the room with artworks that are always beautiful and meaningful at the same time.
The very process itself is so easy and we always end up with some great results.
And here's my own version - a canvas about daydreaming...

Even though the colors might seem quite limited in this work, these collages are never boring as we create all the depths playing with metal elements, adding delicate details like lace or buttons and creating perfect shading with Primary Elements Artist Pigments (what did my life look like before them? No idea... ;) ).

Below there are some of the products we use during this class.
+ a lot of daydreaming, laughter and inspirations from my students! ;)

Have a wonderful creative week!

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