Wednesday 30 September 2020

September Ambassadors' Spotlight


Hello friends,

The host of our this month Ambassadors' Spotlight is Aga Baraniak with "Back to the past" theme and Liquid Acrylics. Our talented Ambassadors: Aga Baraniak, Riikka Kovasin and Kassa Hayselden prepared fabulous projects to inspire you.

Hello mixmedia’s technique lovers! Today I would like to inspire you with a bit of the magic of color which I obtained thanks to the wonderful Finnabair liquid acrylic fluids. 

This product is fantastic because of its intense pigmentation but also because it really has many applications! 

1. It can be used for painting without diluting it excessively with water

2. It can be applied in cracks on cracked media

3. It can also be used with a watercolor effect as I did today. 

I hope that my inspiration will encourage you to use these fluids, because they are a wonderful and incredibly light product. I send you best regards, stay healthy.

For this “Back to the past” and Liquid acrylics theme I took an actual look at the past. I checked what project I had blogged about five years ago. Around this time five years ago I had made some ATCs so I decided to follow on those lines. 

I took several elements from that previous set but changed a lot, too. Like these cards started with a neutral color scheme but I added some of the turquoise and blue on top, inspired by the older set. Where the old set had lace and flowers, I used metal leaves and screws in these ones. But both of the sets have circular focal point of persons – a set of flair buttons about Marie Antoinette in the old version and some self-made cabochon styled embellishments in the new version.

For coloring I used the Liquid acrylics. I mixed three colors – Deep Turquoise, Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna in my backgrounds. I used the Deep Turquoise also to color some dot stickers to match the palette as they were too pale shade of turquoise to begin with. The white splashes on top are done using white gesso, but I could have used “Titanium White” Liquid acrylic instead.

As always with my ATCs, I’m happy to send these on their way. If you’d like to receive one or swap one, please send me an email (rkovasin (A) 

Hi there my loVelies :-) 
Wonderful to be back here again sharing a little of what I created when given the ‘prompt’ from the wonderful Aga Baraniak - ‘Back To The Past’ using Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylics.  Just perfect for how I love to work - paint is one of my favourites to work with.  

So I went back to an ‘old’ unfinished piece I’d created ‘back in the past’  -  a woman’s face from a magazine adhered onto art board.  Finnabair’s Matte Gel Medium is my go to for adhering paper pieces so I don’t get those pesky bubbles & creases, simply coat both surfaces (paper & board) with the gel, lie the paper flat & softly push any air bubbles to the edges!  The face had a few layers of Art Alchemy Impasto Paints applied around it using the Silicone Brush & my fingertips. A wet wash of Sparks Paint left a pretty glittery just there layer too - so this is the point where I picked up & continued on with this ‘Face Painting’ 

I loosely scrape/drag the Silicone Brush with more layers of Impasto Paint over the board in Boudoir Pink, Mint, Lavender & Linen respectively (letting each layer dry before applying another)  Keeping the ‘scrape/drag’ technique loose allows the various layers of all the paints to show through randomly.  The barer areas of the board are given ‘hardly there’ detail using Unicorn Paste.  Simply pulled through a stencil, it dries clear with a diVine sparkly Unicorn twinkle. 

I’ve used the Liquid Acrylics on this piece for the extra detail around the eye, cheek & lip, they add an ‘oomph’ layer.  So easy to use too, they give a new lease of life to paintwork, a little of the Liquid Acrylics rubbed in over the ‘similar’ colours of the Impasto Paints and Va Va Voom an über brightness like no other!  Splattering & placing strategic daubs works a treat too, when dry Acrylic splatters stand right out with a stunning high shine.  I love using these Liquid Acrylics, they give such a bold depth & drama, Tis an an extra magical layer to help bring my work alive.  Being so densely packed with pigments you don’t need a lot at all but it is sooooo addictive teehee...go on get your fingertips messy & start rubbing a drop or 3 here & there into your art paint work, it’s so easy & simple to work with:-) 

I really hope you are all keeping well & safe - where I live we have gone back into lockdown once more painty days ahead for me to get lost in and help at these difficult times. 
Hugs & loVe to you all xoxoxo Kassa 

Have a great day!!
Finnabair Team
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