Wednesday 31 May 2023

Finnabair 101 - Liquid Acrylics


Our next topic for the month of May is 'liquid acrylic'. Do you know these paints? Do you like it? Since I got to know them, I can't stop using them. They are so great. They are very practical to use, have excellent consistency, and are perfectly pigmented, so painting with them is a pure pleasure. 

In addition, they have a beautiful colour palette, mix perfectly with each other and blend well with water. In a few moments, you can paint your project uniformly or water them down and use them almost like watercolour. 

Did I convince you? I really hope because these paints are worth it. And finally, another positive feature - these paints look slightly wet after drying, they give a beautiful gloss effect, and in combination with the matt white gesso, as in the case of my project, this effect is perfectly visible.\


Kasia Salmanowicz

New Products:
969523 - Moulds: Mirror Frames
969554 - Moulds: Regalia

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

Do you know the Finnabair Liquid acrylic? I guess yes!
I adore them!
They are translucent and when drying between coats you can still see the bottom.
You can add shadows.
You can create your own sprays with them, to colour die cuts, chipboards, flowers…
And when they dry they are permanent.

How to create your sprays?
- In a bottle add liquid acrylic, liquid colour fluid medium and water.
- Mix well.
- And your spray is ready !!!

For this project, I have left my comfort zone and I risked using pink!!!!

I have used some of the new moulds and stencils, flowers, liquid acrylic and art basics.
You can see the details, the composition, the materials and the techniques that I have
used in this video tutorial.

I hope you like it!!!
Hadry DC


Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

Hello creative friends! Finnabair liquid acrylics are great for adding colour to your projects but they can be used to create a realistic faux wood effect for backgrounds. The secret ingredient for this technique is salt!

The liquid acrylic paints are wonderfully transparent when diluted with water- this allows you to build up layer upon layer of colour to create a wood effect with depth. By letting each layer dry completely you can avoid muddying the colours and keep all the details you've built up visible.

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:
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