Saturday 26 July 2014

Lucky Charm

Hello, Friends!
This has been such an exciting and immensly rewarding week for me...
For those of you who perhaps missed the news - my completely new lines of products finally saw the light! :)

You can see them all on Prima blog, together with some truly amazing artworks created by Prima Artists!
Here's the recap:

I hope you find them inspiring and invite my little jars of mixed media magic to your art desks! ;)

Today, I'd like to show you a work of mine that showcases some of the possibilities of my new products.

You know how much I love horses and I can never ignore a possibility to alter one and give it some new character and magic of its own. :)

These simple wooden horses seem to have become my special lucky charms... :)

If you're curious of the products I've used, you can find the detailed list in this post on Prima blog and let me just tell you this... I have a new best friend - Black Gesso is absolutely magical!

I simply can't wait to see what you will create with my new products! :)
Make sure to let me know!
Wishing you all a wonderful summer weekend!

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Art x 3 [Brand New Lines!}

Hello, Friends!
Do you remember I promised you more of my new releases with Prima? :)
I'm getting more and more excited as I can finally show you the new mixed media goodness!
I can't wait to hear what you think!

If you go to Prima blog you will see that there are three lines: Art Basics (all sorts of gels, pastes and gesso your hearts desire) , Art Ingredients (art sugar, glass beads, glass glitter, mica flakes) and Art Extravagance (texture pastes in differents colors and shades) all of them created to make your art journeys even more exciting. :)

But that's not all...

In this post you will find some amazing artworks created by Prima artists using my new products - we all hope they will spark your imagination!

As for me, I'd like to show you my canvas collage in which I played with my new "art babies". :)

You can find the full product list over here.

Keep an eye on Prima blog as this whole week you will have the chance to get to know my new products better.
One of the most amazing feelings in my life is seeing my products in your hands and in your artworks. Nothing makes me prouder than inspiring someone else to create...

I would also like to tell you that we have the first batch of my new products in our Mixed Media Place store! New masks, resist canvas and metal frames are waiting for your creativity!

Sending you my very best wishes
doing a happy little dance :)

Friday 18 July 2014

Journal Playground

Saying hi to all of you right from the middle of my Canada/USA art trip! :)
This has been such a rewarding experience - my students are so full of energy and enthusiasm that it truly makes my heart sing...
I can't possibly visit all the blogs and see all the comments but thank you all so much for your kindest words and reviews I've seen! ♥

Today, I'd like to show you some pages from my art journal.
This is a very special place for me -

- sometimes a safe haven to stop and reflect -

- a creative playground to collect memories -

- and at other times - an artistic gym to stretch my creative muscles. :)

I usually work quick and simply follow my intuition - no pressure, no specific rules, I just let the materials lead the way.
That's why I love journaling so much - for all the creative freedom it offers!

Here are some of my trusted supplies that usually accompany me in my journaling:

I also add some lace and thread here and there for more dimension and splash some tea on the pages. :)

Hugs to you all!

Thursday 10 July 2014

Little Girls Lost

Hi, everyone!
A couple of days ago I shared with you my excitement and a little sneak of my new Prima line. :)
Today I'd like to show you one more of my new altered frames.

Say hi to Hania and her sister. :)

This adorable little girl with a white bow is my mom, Hania and the girl next to her is her sister Basia. Aren't they the sweetest little creatures...?

These metal frames are like little doors to whole new worlds - you can fill them with anything your heart (and imagination) desires! :)

I decided to create a hideaway for my girls... Can you spy a little bird watching over them? :)

I wanted to create some depth with this bricks stamp and some Mechanicals.
All the colors were achieved thanks to one of my favorite supplies - Primary Elements pigments (we've just had a fresh batch in our store!) + a little bit of gesso.

I hope you'll find my new frames inspiring and fill them with some amazing worlds of yours...
And pssst.... there is more to come...! :)

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