Saturday, 18 January 2020

Finnabair new products Winter 2020 - vol.1 - Stencils and Tissue Papers

Hi again my dear creative friends!
The most exciting time of the year is here and I can finally introduce you to my new art babies, which I had to keep secret for so long! I hope you will like my new designs and ideas as much as I do... it is a pleasure to keep them in flesh in my hands now!
The good news is all new products will be available for ordering for stores after the weekend. So if you want to put your hands on my new stuff, let your favourite mixed-media store know, that you are eagerly waiting for them to order my new products :)

Today we showcase the first batch of my new toys - tomorrow we will show the second part. So take your seat, grab your tea or coffee and enjoy :)

Winter 2020 Release

Below you can see 8 totally new stencils. I am so so so excited with them - and as always I've made them keeping in mind all the things I love the most: old papers, fabrics, decorations and antiques... so ther is a lovely vintage feel to them!  Stencils are a fabulous tool for creating mixed-media background and I love watching your projects with my stencils used and how creatively you use them!!

Oriental Wall and Gothic

Floral Net and Mind Games

Read My Letter and Dandelions

Vintage Wallpaper and Laurels

Here is full list of names:

967918 - Finnabair 6x9 Stencil - Dandelions
967925 - Finnabair 6x9 Stencil - Floral Net
967932 - Finnabair 6x9 Stencil - Gothic
967949 - Finnabair 6x9 Stencil - Laurels
967956 - Finnabair 6x9 Stencil - Mind Games
967963 - Finnabair 6x9 Stencil - Oriental Wall
967970 - Finnabair 6x9 Stencil - Read My Letter
967987 - Finnabair 6x9 Stencil - Vintage Wallpaper

I know that you would like to see them in action, so below you can see my art-journal page with Dandelion stencil.

You can see how beautifully they work with my media - gesso, pastes, but also with pens and pencils.

Here you can see samples with different media prepared by Katja Joulak:

Katja created this beautiful, rusty cover using one of my newest stencils - Gothic. It has a wonderful, vintage look, that combined with my mechanicals and Rust Effect Paste creates this amazingness, that you can see below!

List of supplies:
Finnabair - Mechanicals - Antique Label - 967086
Finnabair - Mechanicals - Hardware Accents - 967093
Finnabair - Liquid Acrylic Paint Ink Black - 967345
Finnabair - Liquid Acrylic Paint Burnt Sienna - 967222
Finnabair - Icing Paste Vintage Gold - 966164
Finnabair - Black Heavy Gesso - 961459
 Finnabair 6x9 Stencil - Gothic - 967932
Finnabair  - Art Daily - Chipboard Journal 5.5x5.5 - 968120
Finnabair - Matte wax - Charcoal Black - 967901
Finnabair  - Matte Wax - Rusty Brown - 967888

Stencils are not the only ones new products in my 2020 Winter Release. I know many of you use and love my tissue papers and this time I prepared two new ones:



968090 - Finnabair Tissue Paper - Romantica
968106 - Finnabair Tissue Paper - Notes

Aleksandra Mihelic combined Romantica Tissue Paper with Read My Letter Stencil to create this wonderful art-journal page. Take a look how beautifully my Heavy White Gesso works with this stencil!

List of supplies:

Finnabair – Tissue paper - Romantica - 968090 
Finnabair – Art Basics – Soft Gloss Gel - 961435
Finnabair – Art Basics – Heavy Gesso – White - 961442
Finnabair – Cling Stamps – Wild and Free - 967048
Finnabair – Stencil – Read my Letter – 967970
Finnabair – Art Basics – Modeling Paste – 961411
Finnabair – Art Alchemy – Sparks – Enchanted – 967734
Finnabair – Art Alchemy – Sparks – Chest of Gold – 967741
Finnabair – Sentiments Stickers – 964849

I hope you are as excited as I am!!
And if so I am happy to tell you, that tomorrow I will show you the other half of my new Winter 2020 products :) So stay tuned and visit my blog tomorrow for more.

But if you can't wait, here is my yesterday FB live with demo of all my new products :) Enjoy :)


Kate Palmer said...

Oh Anna - these are beautiful!

Andrene said...

The tissue papers are beautiful and omg...those stencils....amazing! Cant wait to give them a home :)

Lanette said...

Another beautiful release, the stencils are inspired and I can't wait to play with the matte wax!!!

Ellie Knol said...

The stencils are perfect, especially the ones with text.. LOVE them..

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