Sunday 30 June 2013

Sizzix update: Dreams in journal and Good Energy on the layout...

Hi again - time for the Sizzix update :)
In the last days I published a new journal page on Sizzix.UK blog - it is illustration for my story you can read in the post below - about moving, believing in dreams, following my own path.

Journal page - Follow - Sizzix and  new *Prima*

I had a lot of fun creating the background of this small project - taking all the leftovers from my desk - mostly Sizzix doily cut-outs and masking tape - and covering it all with gesso... on this stage you never know what will happen next, which on one hand makes the process exciting and on the other opens new door and gives endless possibilities.

 This time I could use my new stamps and papers from coming Vintage Vanity line and Printed Canvas from Elementals - all from Prima Marketing of course. All the details including information about dies and some more creative tips you will find here - on Sizzix blog:) 

And if you will dig a bit deeper you will find one more project - "Space, Media, Dimension" layout - the one I created with my students during my class in Massy, Paris (definitely not Brasil, sorry!). It is a striking mixture of white space, 7 Dots Studio (Dreamer Collection and Domestic Goddess Collection), stencils, little bits of Sizzix cut-outs, Mechanicals and epoxy stickers from Prima  and my favorite Luminarte pigments mixed with water. 

Good Energy - Sizzix and Prima

Again - more details are here, on blog - take a peek or two :) And if you are interested in buying these products-  please remember that most of them is available in Mixed Media Place - here!
See you soon - huge hugs for now!

Friday 28 June 2013

Dreams coming true - or welcome to Emerald Island.

Maybe this should be the proper title for this far too long blogpost?

Some of you already know - but I wanted to share the news with all of you, partly to excuse my constant absence on the blog and in the social media in the last months. I had a really good reason for being away, quiet and not here - besides travelling and teaching of course.
I was moving.
When I'm saying that, I mean MOVING, with capital letters and all the good and bad things included.  Because, you know, when I'm planning to do something I sometimes go big. Or BIG, really. Possibly because one day in the past I allowed myself to be fearless (sometimes it can be mistaken for careless too) and I am a dreamer... and what is even more scary, I tend to believe dreams can come true... usually if you close your eyes and jump into the big rabbit hole, screaming.
Yeah, that would be me, probably.

So, it wasn't just moving home, all planned, scheduled, packed, prepared  in long distance. No, who, me? Organized??? Impossible. I can reduce my sleep, work my ass off, forget about birthdays, including mine, but I can't tell I'm organized. Chaos is my second name and I've learnt to live with it.
We did it in 2 months - literally. From the moment we've made a decision till the moment we opened the door of our new place passed 8 weeks. And I can only bless my natural ability to push everything forward strong enough to move, including my husband. (Honestly, I think he's sill in kind of shock.)

In these 8 weeks, we've found a place to rent, we've packed all our home including my studio (blessed may be my friends and Mom who helped me tons) and we hired a car to move all of it from our apartment in Warsaw to a new place, over 2200 km away. And in the meantime there were classes, product designing, and everyday life. (I'm not daring to call it NORMAL everyday life. My life is crazy and I try to live with it... nobody's perfect. )

Then, in just a week we had to build everything again from the scratch, unpack and set up in our new home... yes, deadlines were coming, yes I'm lucky to have friends who are willing to help in the case of this kind of emergency. Then there were other challenges: finding all the important places, waiting all the media to be installed, praying for internet to go smooth, making myself comfortable in the new place, learning how to find all my art stuff in the new place, new organization... and getting used to be alone:(
Andrew is still in Warsaw, working, looking after our apartment being redecorated, preparing it for renting... I miss him so much.

So here I am. In Ireland.
The place I loved since I've read the first book of Celtic legend, place that stole my heart completely when we were on our honeymoon trip, driving around the island, smiling like madmen. This is the only place that makes my my heart sing no matter which part of this rainy, cold, windy country I am.
I'm in the beautiful, small town with a round tower and old stone church - and it will only take me few hours now to go to in the places I want to visit again and again. Even driving home through the fields, bushes and sheep walking around wakes up a horde of butterflies in my stomach.
Yes, I'm weird, I  accepted that years ago ;)
I can't wait to go to the sea :)

Can I imagine myself in a small, quiet place like this - no big streets, cinemas, restaurants, crowds of people? Me, big city girl? Yes.
I was feeling I needed a quiet space. Closer to the nature, bigger. And I got it.
I was willing to follow one of my biggest dreams, one that started from a talk I had with my newly-wed husband, sitting on the shore of Atlantic Ocean, somewhere near Dingle Town. Or around.
I've decided I want it more than I'm afraid of it, and - thanks to all powers in the universe - my family just gave up fighting to keep us close, understanding our vision of happiness is different than theirs. And there is no point in stopping us - because our hearts already moved.

I'm in a a dream. Now I only need my husband and dog to come... and my friends and family to visit:) Maybe I'm a really hopeless example of housewife and one of the hardest people to be friends with, but... welcome to my new home:) (Hopefully I'll be in, not travelling or working like crazy at this time, so please check before coming, ok? LOL).

I can't say the house I'm in is my final destination - but it was a huge step in the only direction I could imagine. Please, keep your fingers crossed for us - we will surely need it being  away from everything we've known for all our lives ;) I keep learning a lot, everyday!

P.S. Mówiąc w skrócie - w ostatnich tygodniach przeprowadziliśmy nasze życie - dom, moje studio w całkiem nowe, ale bardzo ekscytujące miejsce, o którym zawsze w skrytości ducha marzyłam: do Irlandii. Jak zwykle u mnie był to wariacki plan rodem z bajki, którą niewiele osób zrozumie - ale udało się! Z pomocą przyjaciół i najbliższych, walcząc z czasem i zbliżającymi się terminami zapakowaliśmy wszystko, co było na liście, i rozpakowaliśmy w nowych 4 kątach. Po raz kolejny uwierzyłam, że warto zamknąć oczy, i z krzykiem na ustach skoczyć w króliczą norę... Dziękuję wszystkim za wyrozumiałość, cierpliwość i przepraszam, że tak mało jestem ostatnio z Wami - nie mogłam inaczej, było to fizycznie niemożliwe. Teraz, kiedy już wróciłam mniej więcej do normalnego rytmu pracy mam nadzieję, że mnie będę Was zaniedbywać - trzymajcie kciuki aby wszystko pomyślnie się ułożyło :)

Thursday 27 June 2013

Prima Sneak Peeks - Mini Journal and live step-by-step

High time for some more Prima Sneak Peeks!
You could already see most of my new lines: Vintage Vanity, Elementals and more of Mechanicals in the post below... now I'm willing to share some more:)
How about a longer look at the Mini Mixed-Media Journal?  This little brother of my first journal has 10 white, 10 brown and 10 printed pages - and 3 plastic sleeves too! It is handy, durable and... begging to be altered of course!

Mini journal - new Finn's *Prima*

If you will look closer you will see some of my new Mechanicals on the cover too - Vintage Centers and Gears.

During the Live With Prima on Ustream I created a page inside - and you can see it below together with quite long video, recorded  live:) If you are patient enough and want to see it - step -by-step, just click on the window below :)

Mini journal page - new *Prima*

I hope to see you back soon - there are some more secrets to be revealed!

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Prima Sneak Peek Time - Vintage Vanity, Elementals and Mechanicals are coming!

I hate the moment when I've got something, waiting to be shared, begging me to spill the beans and I simply can't!!! You know this all SECRET thing is killing me :) But now - Prima sneak peeks has started and I can finally share some of my new Prima products coming in July 2013! Woo hoo!

(If you don't mind bad quality, freezing videos and a lot of surprises you can see my broken in pieces Ustream Live with Prima presentation of the collection here, here, here and here. Yeah. THAT many episodes, almost like Brazilian Soap Opera, LOL!)

This time I've got 3 lines coming: 
Elementals :
- Washi Tapes: vintage prints and versatile patterns
- Printed Canvas sheets - 12x12, printed in black and white (vintage and more modern, versatile patterns)
- Matching background clear stamps
- Matching stencils

Vitage Vanity:
 - A4 Journaling Printed Paper Pad: soft, romantic colors perfect for artsy backdrops too.
- 5 x 7.5'' Art Journal: embossed cover to the variety of media pages inside there is something for everyone!
- Matching background clear stamps
- Matching stencils

And of course - some add-ons to the Mechanicals line - great for mixing, matching and all kind of journal, scrapbooking, mixed-media, altered art and jewellery projects:
- Vintage Centers, Washers and Gears
- Labels and Typewriter Keys
- Pendant Elements
- Leaves and Flourishes

And what is more - there is a giveaway on Prima blog, here and you can take part in it and learn more about the lines, see inspirational projects and... win of course! Who doesn't like a gift from time to time?

And now, how about some peeks of the first projects I made with my stuff?
Let's start with this "Lucky" layout, including my new Stencils, Stamps, Mechanicals and A4 Paper Pad:

Lucky - new Finn's *Prima*

And here you can see the second layout - you can find here my doily Stencil, Background Stamps and again some  Mechanicals and A4 Paper Pad. One of the layers is one of the Elementals - white printed Damask Sheet!

Doilies - new Finn's *Prima*

I'd love to hear your opinion - which elements from my collections are the most appealing for you? What else you'd like to see coming in the future? Don't hesitate, let your fantasy flow - anything can happen! I'd love to know what would make you happy :)

Sunday 23 June 2013

July and August 2013 classes - update on USA, Canada and UK!

I'm getting quite a lot questions about classes coming later this Summer:)
I'm so happy you are interested in coming - I've made an update for you with all the current information - in many places aren't any seats left, so if you are planning something please keep that in mind!
Lets's tart with USA and Canada tour:

10-11. 07. 2013 - Little Bird Creations - New York City - USA
Classes: Imagine - collage, Tea for 2 - paper layout, Grungy Spell Book (cover and pages) - journal class
Last seats left! Contact:

13-14. 07. 2013Art House Studio - Kitchener, Ontario - Canada
Classes: Imagine - collage, Tea for 2 - paper layout, Grungy Spell Book (cover and pages) - journal class
Last seats left! Contact:

17-18. 07. 2013 - Clipper Street -  Langley, British Columbia - Canada
Classes: Imagine - collage, Grungy Magic - paper layout, Grungy Spell Book (cover and pages) - journal class
Sold Out. Contact:

28-29. 07. 2013 - Scrapbook Island -  San Jose, California - USA
Classes: Imagine - collage - book here,  Grungy Spell Book (cover and pages) - journal class - book here
Last seats left! Contact: 

3-4. 08. 2013 - Paper Niche - Davie, Florida - USA
Classes: Imagine - collage, Grungy Magic - paper layout, Grungy Spell Book (cover and pages) - journal class
Last seats left! Contact:  

6-8. 08. 2013 - Queen’s Ink - Savage, Maryland - USA
Classes: Imagine - collage, Everyday treasures - collage, Grungy Spell Book (cover and pages) - journal class
Sold Out. Contact:

And now classes in the UK:


24-25. 08. 2013 - Damselfly Crafts - Glasgow, Scotland (UK)
Last seats left! Contact : 0141 341 0119

30.08-1.09. 2013 - Snazzy's - Wiltshire, UK
Sold Out. Contact:

Thank you again for your interest - and see you soon in the classroom!

9th Wave - my new collection for 7 Dots Studio :)

Hi everyone :) I'm very excited today :)
I'm very happy and proud to announce my new collection which is coming to the market in July - 9th Wave made for well known Polish brand, 7 Dots Studio. 
As always in 7DS all the papers are intense in colors, printed on great mixed-media quality paper - they are perfect for all scrapbooking, card making and collage purposes.
As the name of the collection says - my inspiration was ocean, seas - beautiful, clear water, sandy beaches, underwater views... but also strong waves and stormy sky - something for almost everyone, I hope!
For this happy occasion we have a Blog Candy for you - here on 7 DS blog:) If you are willing to win my collection just follow the link and join the fun!

Ok, maybe it is time to share some peeks of the collection? :))) So, here they are :) This time we've got for you...
- six double-sided, thick 12×12” papers,

- 12×12” sheet of die-cut elements,

- 6×12” sheet of alpha and words stickers,

- New in 7 Dots Studio – Collection Kit, with everything above inside.

- 6×6” paper pad with 24 double-sided, thick papers (4 of each design)

And what do you think about my new collection? Are the colors and designs interesting for you? What kind of project you'd like to do with them? I'd love to hear your opinions - please feel free to share them in the comments! (AND remember to join the blog candy on 7DS blog!!!)
Sending warmest wishes

Wednesday 19 June 2013

April 2013 - picture summary

And here is much shorter, much compact version of April's picture summary... this time I had more time to spend at home, but not too much, not enough to get spoiled, lol!

1. Surprisingly cold April, 2. Getting my stuff organized

3. My desk - creative mess, 4. Finally with Andrew

5. Super Secret plan - start!, 6. My Birthday Google Website - cool!

7. My birthday apple pie in progress, 8. Finally - Spring!

9. Publication in Scrap-Info Magazine, 10. Dog Shaming ;)

11. Scrapping with 7DS "Love Is in the Air" and Prima, 12. Secret Plan - in progress...

13. Sizzix journaling, 14. Breathe Me - Sia - journaling

See you soon!
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