Monday 29 April 2013

Music... to make housework easier... "Breathe Me" - Sia

I'm lucky to have great, understanding, inspirational friends who don't forget about me even when I travel all year round, even when I'm away, not having possibility to see them in  person. Really. It is possible and I feel blessed.
Not so long ago, one of them, Czekoczyna came with the idea of making a collaborative project - inspired by  our favorite music... and that's how "Music to make housework easier" came to life. Who we are? Just a group of passionate, creative girls: Agnieszka-AnnaAnai2:16Czekoczyna and me, Finn. And you can always join us - this inspirational challenge is open to everyone. 

So what is it all about? Here you can find the answer... and other projects of our creative team. Maybe you'll get inspired too?
This time we listened to the song that was absolutely new to me - but I fell in love with the voice, nostalgic, vulnerable, emotional. I liked the music...but the lyrics. Huge WOW. Something  made just for me.
Odyssey family book - page 3 - Breathe me

Pages in my journal came to life quickly, without thinking. I knew what I was willing to do from the very beginning when this photo showed on my table. I love moments like this.

And here is the inspiration "Breath Me" by Sia. Beautiful Song.

Have you heard? Prima Art Venture in California is back in January 2014!!! Here is the registration link.
I'm happy to announce I'm listed as one of the teachers on this great event... just check who is there with me! How exciting!

Saturday 27 April 2013

Journal galore! (and Sizzix Friday!)

Hi, it's me again.
I relised there weren't many journal pages shown lately here on my blog. It doesn't mean I don't create them, oh no... it is all because my life gone totally crazy now - and it is going to be even worse (or at least similar) until Summer CHA... or maybe longer? There is something really BIG and important happening now behind the scenes for me - and it takes a lot of my attention. When the time will come - I will share as much as I can, but so far... let's focus on the journal pages, lol!

First one called "Dead tongue" (or dead language - it sounds the same in Polish) was inspired by one of the poems. It was made in one of my friend's travelling journal.

martwy jezyk - journal

Next travelling journal - next topic: this time "Macabre". What can suit better than "Danse Macabre" then?

danse macabre - journal

And finally - my "Journey Notebook" - new project I started to document some of my journeys. The base is an old book, the range of mediums - very limited... you can say it is something between a notebook and a journal in one. I like it so far. It is somehow special to me, really.

Journey 02

Journey 01

Both pages above were made with Sizzix products - to learn more, see detailed photos and product list - visit blog here!
See you soon...

Sunday 21 April 2013

All in one - 7DS, Sizzix and Prima...

It is really good to be back home again and focus on thing I love the most - creating. I do love it, really - and   it may sound funny, but I wait for the moment when I'll get through the pile of emails, kits, orders, plans and messages to simply sit for a moment, think... and start to paint or cut paper. This is truly beautiful moment!

memories treasure - 7DS & Sizzix

The layout above is a mixture of Prima - my Sunrise-Sunset Collection and Mechanicals, 7 Dots Studio - "Love is in the Air" - beautiful collection by Agnieszka-Anna and Sizzix... All in one, we can say!
The girl on the photo is my aunt, Basia - it was taken in one of the most beautiful parks in Warsaw - I'd guess in the end of 60-ties.. missing part of the photo was used for another project, which I hope to share soon:)

If you want to see "work in progress", detailed list of products used and learn more about the process - jump on Sizzix blog today. As always I share a bit more there:)
I've also made this project for 7DS challenge, which started today :"3 Shades of Green" - I hope you love 7DS as much as I do and you want to join the fun...and maybe win some nice prices? More details here...

And now I'm off to some secret project that takes away quite a lot of my time now...

source: pinterest

Friday 19 April 2013

ProzART - creative escape (15-18 08.2013) - Poland

każdy ma czasem ochotę uciec. zmienić dekoracje. oderwać się od codzienności. przez chwilę odetchnąć.
i stworzyć coś własnymi rękami.

sometimes everyone feels like escaping. changing the surroundings. leaving the everyday behind.
just breathe for a moment. and create.

chciałybyśmy gorąco was zaprosić do przyjazdu do Czempinia w sierpniu.
przede wszystkim będziecie mieli szansę spędzić nie kilka godzin, ale kilka dni w inspirującym towarzystwie doborowych nauczycieli - trzy warsztaty scrapbookingowe prowadzone będą przez trzy wyśmienite Artystki. 
a warsztaty poprzedzą indywidualne sesje fotograficzne z utalentowanym Fotografem. I to nie wszystko!
czy można przepuścić taką okazję?

in August we would love to invite you to Czempiń to our Creative Escape.
first of all, it will be an opportunity to spend a couple of days (not just hours) in a wonderfully inspiring company of our instructors: there will be three scrapbooking workshops taught by three extraordinary Artists. + on Friday you will take part in an individual photo shoot with a talented Photographer. and it is not all!
can you miss such a chance?

Na blogu ProzART znajdziecie wszystkie informacje  - i mam nadzieję,
że dołączycie do tego wyjątkowego wydarzenia. Zapraszamy!

You will find all the details on ProzART blog.
We rerally hope you will join this exceptional event. Welcome!

Thursday 18 April 2013

7DS and Prima: Scrap-Info publication!

Are you familiar with great, Russian magazine, Scrap-Info?
If not, you surely need to keep the eye on them - every issue is full of great scrapbooking inspirations from designers from all over the world! It's not the first time when I was asked to prepare the article for them - I always do it with pleasure!

This layout is a part of step-by-step tutorial. which was published in the last, issue of the magazine ad it features my latest collections from 7 Dots Studio - Domestic Goddess and Prima Sunrise-Sunset embellishments together with my favorite Mechanicals!

Here is the layout - if you are interested in tutorial - grab  the magazine as soon as possible! :)

Determined - 7DS & Prima Mechanicals

You can find all the needed supplies to create a similar project in
 "Mixed Media Place"!
You can find Mechanicals here,
Paints here and here
and Sunrise-Sunset Collection here.
All 7 Dots Studio Collections are available in the same place too - check this link!

Thank you so much for visiting - see you soon!

Sunday 14 April 2013

Steampunk Love - retrospection :)

Today I'm sharing one of the sample layouts which were done my Australian and NZ tour.
It's hard to create a good layout teaching a class - this is not surprising... this one is not bad, I quite like the shape, colors and texture Igot thanks to marriage of 7 Dots Studio. Prima Mechanicals and some super fun add-ons created for the tour by Rae from Scrap Matrix... I hope you will enjoy!

31 - 7DS & Prima

Most of the supplies you can buy here in Finn Store in Mixed Media Place shop.
Here is the product list:
7 Dots Studio - Dreamer: City Lights, Daydreaming.
Prima Marketing: Mechanicals: Numbers, Washers #2, Brads, Roses, Bottle Caps, Flowers Medium.
Sunrise-Sunset: X-Radient, Aura, 12x12 Checked Stencil, Paper Roses - Gold, Paper Mini Roses - Copper, Wooden Icons - Borders.
Luminarte: Primary Elements Pigments sets: Firefly, Cowboy. Silks sets: Cowboy, Empress. 
Scrap Matrix: Chipboards, wooden cogs, lace and pebbles.

And here is one more thing - my Friday Sizzix project! Would you like to check how to make this cute, simple Spring Pocket Envelope? Jump to Sizzix blog today - you will find full project and product list waiting!

See you soon!

Friday 12 April 2013

A bit later... picture summary : Instagram February!

Hi again.
I know it is late  I know it is April, but I didn't have the possibility to do it before, and my Feabruary was just awesome... and I wan to share it with you!

1. Winter in Warsaw. 2 Celebrating in the Polish way.

3. Finally with Andrew. 4. Happy mail - My journals in Art Journaling - Somerset Studio.

5. Heading to Paris. 6. Prima goodies for the kits.

7-8. Classes in Brie Comte Robert, France

9-10. Classes in Brie Comte Robert, France

11-12. Classes in Brie Comte Robert, France - Splash Class photo!

13-14. Classes in Brie Comte Robert, France

15-16. Classes in Brie Comte Robert, France - group photo.

17. Some cool tools! 18. Students during the classes in Brie Comte Robert, France

19-20. Classes in Brie Comte Robert, France - students' projects

21-22. Classes in Brie Comte Robert, France - Prima goes Inky class group photo

23. Classes in Brie Comte Robert, France - with students and friends! 24. Disneyland Paris, here we come!

25. Photo with celebrity. 26. First rays of Caribbean sun...

27. Cute woolen hat I got at Disney - Paris. 28. Tower of Terror ride!

29. Wonderful keepsake from the classes - thank you! 30. Ira, my beagle.

31. Some Dylussion goodies arrived! Yay! 32. With friends at Manufabricum in Warsaw.

33. Kitting for Sweden... 34. Stockholm, here I come!

35-36. Sightseeing in Stiockholm and Vasa ship.

37-38. Classes in Stockholm

39-40. Classes in Stockholm, Sweden (Imagine class).

41-42. Classes in Stockholm, Sweden.

43-44. Classes in Stockholm, Sweden - Inky Memories - layout class.

45-46. Classes in Stockholm, Sweden - Inky Memories class and Imagine class. 

47-48. Beautiful Stockholm!

Thank you so much, my friends for this amazing experience - you make my dream true!
More photos soon...
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