Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Christmas Tree Ornament in Steampunk Style by Anastasia Korvyakova

Hello everyone! Anastasia is here. Every holiday season I do like to create new Christmas tree balls using ordinary plastic balls or special transparent ones as basis. This year I decided to do something I had never created before - a Christmas tree ball with steampunk elements.

I cut pieces from Solar Tissue Paper with sun and moon and glued them inside the halves of the transparent ball with Soft Gloss Gel. Then I added Paris Metallic Flakes. I glued clay elements and mould casts to the outside of the ball using 3D Gloss Gel

To color еру elements I used Crimson Liquid Acrylic Paint and Waxes – Old Denim, Rich Copper, Aged Brass and also added Metal Flakes

Watch details in video tutorial! 

I wish you a Merry Christmas with your family and friends! See you in the new year!


Anastasia(aka nastyalena)

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Friday, 2 December 2022

Christmas bells by Kasia Salmanowicz


December begins, so we can officially count down the days to Christmas!! Today I invite you to a video tutorial where I show you how to make bells in a winter-Christmas atmosphere. They will be great as a Christmas decoration. They can also be hung as a garland or added to a Christmas present. See for yourself how many possibilities there are.

First, I covered my bells with white gesso and then used lace which gave a very interesting structure. Then I used metal elements from Finnabair. In the sets, you will find beautiful small napkins and snowflakes that will surely enrich any project. For this small stars;)

For colouring, I chose Liquid Acrylic Pain Burnt Sienna and metallic paint in the Steampunk Copper colour. I also added a beautiful paste with embedded foil in shades of gold. Golden Dragon paste will add variety to any Christmas project, but you probably already know it!

I invite you to the tutorial, where you will see each stage of the project.

Have a beautiful and lovely December,

Kasia Salmanowicz

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Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Doorway to heaven by Kesho Kage


Imagine finding a portal, one that leads you to legions of Angels, to where the streets are made of gold, and the song of music always fills the air! Today we are creating that portal. You can never go to far in the world of makeup/ Cosplay, making props to compliment, help sale the illusion, and even explain the story is an amazing addition that brings it all together. 

Taking this thrifted painting we are going to remodel the wood first by priming with white gesso, before adding the Moulds we made using Love Machine, Pocket Watches, Amun and Bast and many more that will all be linked below! After adhering them to our portal everything was brought to life using Prima Art Alchemy liquid acrylic paint in Violet, Brunt Sienna, and Ultramarine and sprayed with water for a weathered look, highlighting the high points using the Metallic Wax in White Pearl. I then used the Metallic Flakes in Gold glued on with the Gilding Glue. 

To add texture to this ancient doorway I also used the Gilding Glue to adhere the Art Stones in mega and mini. It wouldn’t be a portal without some ancient writings that had to be spoken to activate, so to create the magical incantation I mixed Prima Art Alchemy liquid acrylic paint in Ink Black with Art Ingredients Texture Powder and painted over the Manuscript stencil. Once I was happy with my creation and chose to finish it off with chains, and other embellishments to bring the riches to the surface! 

I hope you enjoy this video and all products used are listed below! I can’t wait for you to get inspired and to create your own doorways! 

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

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