Monday, 22 April 2019

"Sweet moments" with mixed media cupcakes by Aleksandra Mihelic

Hi dear Finnabair friends.

I hope you've had a lovely weekend and Easter holidays, if you celebrate it. These days were quite busy for me, as a mom of three young children, I was jumping from baking, cooking, cleaning and all the way to creating. And while in my head I searched for the idea what to prepare for you as my new inspiration, I decided I'll go with "baking" here too. :) I made these sweet mixed media cupcakes with lots of my favourite Finnabair supplies. So sit back with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy some sweet moments with me. :)

I first glued my cupcake papercups together with hot glue. I decided to not go with gel medium, because it's wet and this could warp my cupcake papercups. Hot glue does the opposite and gives them more sturdyness. Then I colored my papercups with different Impasto paints. I added some felting wool inside as a batter and some cotton wool as a frosting. I colored "batter" with Impasto and yellow rust paste and on the "frosting" I added some paper texture paste, some Unicorn paste and some glitter. At the end I added some colored mechanicals and added some touches with matching rust and texture pastes and some micro beads.

You can follow my tutorial on Finnabair youtube channel if you want to create some sweet cupcakes by yourselves:

I hope you enjoyed my sweet inspiration for today and I'm hoping I'll be able to see some of your versions of cupcakes being inspired by this tutorial.

Thank you for stopping by and joining me.
Enjoy your day and see you soon!

Hugs, Aleksandra

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

Friday, 19 April 2019

Dragon's Egg by Olga Bielska

Hello friends :)
Olga Bielska here with new April project that includes amazing launched Finnabair products.

I love dragons and for a long time I wanted to make a dragon's egg.

I used a large styrofoam egg that I painted black with Heavy Gesso.

Then I glued gauze, cardboard, resin casts and Art Stones to the 3D Matte Gel.

I painted everything again with the Heavy Gesso Black.

When the whole dried up, I added colors using waxes.

You can see the making of in my tutorial.

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Inspired by Klimt (and Icing Paste!) - by Finnabair

Hi again my friends!
Have you seen our latest mood board for April at Art Daily Cafe Blog? If not, you should check it as it is absolutely gorgeous! I was waiting impatiently for this month to come as I was sure the project from the team and you, our online friends, will simply blow my mind...
Speaking about Art Daily - every Monday, following the topic of the month, we publish a new prompt for you. And I just have to show you how I got inspired by one of them!

"If you could have your portrait painted by any artist in history, who would you pick?"
I was thinking about this sentence for only a short moment - the answer was easy for me and I think it won't be too surprising, when I will show you my journal spread.
Klimt's love for patterns, bold designs and colour stole my heart right away.
His most popular paintings are known by almost everybody... but there are so many more of his works showing his amazing talent, sensitivity and an amazing eye for detail. If only I had a chance, I'd love to be his model without a blink of an eye... only to be able to look over his shoulder when he was creating!
When I was working on this project I had a quick look through the album with his paintings and as a result, I've put some of his signature elements together. I know how far I am from his masterpieces, but I wanted to try anyway!
The whole spread is one big experiment with metallic textures, glossy acrylic paints and bold patterns - and I have to admit it was great creative exercise. I've used a lot of art mediums to get the finish I liked - but my pages are really durable thanks to this process!
I've started with a good coat of Art Basics Soft Gloss Gel over the printed paper - I've picked 2 pages from an old book. I've added more paper layers and metallic skins a bit alter using 3D Gloss Gel - it is a bit thicker and it was easier to stick thicker elements with it.
Most of the dimensional patterns in this spread were done using a selection of stencils and 2 colours of Art Extravagance Icing Pastes - beautifully creamy, metallic gels which added the most beautiful effects to my pages. I've used Fire Ruby and Vintage Gold colours to create my palette. 
For final colouring, I had to use the product matching my super shiny finish of the project - and here my new Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylics were absolutely the best solution! I've added shades of brown, pink, red, purple and yellow and I fell in love with them once again!
There is a special technique bonus to this page - for creating some of the textures, especially the "dress" of the main character I've used pieces of Icing Paste Skins I'd prepared before. You can see them on the picture above - they are flexible, durable and very easy to make if you have plastic embossing folders and Icing Pastes of course! Just think about all the possibilities of using them not only on the canvases, covers and pages but also bottles, boxes and pots!
You can see the tutorial on making them in the short video below - I hope you will get inspired to play with this concept!

Here are some of the products I've used to work on my journal page 
- all liked to Mixed Media Place Store:

If you feel inspired by Art Daily Cafe mood board - don't forget to tag us #artdailycafe when posting on Instagram! This way we have a chance to see your beautiful art and maybe repost it as well!
Thank you so much for visiting me today - happy creating!

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