Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Airy canvas by Kasia Salmanowicz


I welcome you with my first project in the new season of Finnabair Creative Team. I am pleased to design for another year in such a fantastic group. It's a wonderful feeling because (you probably know from your own experience) Finnabair products are addictive! They are unique and it is a great pleasure to create inspiration with their use.

I have a very clear canvas for you today. This time the entire composition was created on the back of my canvas. Thanks to this, I got an interesting frame. One part of my background was covered with Prima Marketing rice paper. For the second part, I decided to make the background myself using some lace and fabrics.

Then I started arranging the composition. An old brush which I decided not to throw away, was placed in the centre. For this great elements from the new Finn moulds and pieces made of HDF material. The whole composition is covered with white gesso and dried.

For colouring, I used liquid acrylic paints in the following colours: Umber, Burnt Sienna, Tiger Orange, Nude and Ocher. Everything, of course, properly diluted;) Then the whole project was slightly brushed with white gesso. I invite you to my video tutorial on the Finnabair channel.


Kasia Salmanowicz

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Friday, 30 September 2022

September Brand Ambassadors' Spotlight


Hello friends!

September host of Brand Ambassadors' Spotlight is Olga Heldwein and her theme is "JunkArt - assemblage trash to treasure". Below are our talented Ambassadors: Iwona, Kasia and Riikka share their projects with you.

Altering objects is always a fun thing to do. I had this bottle of Jack for some time and had no idea what to do. I also had a light bulb and let’s say it was a perfect match! Because it’s a special project I decided to go crazy with colours and as you can see, I used a lot of different colours. I must say, it was fun to make this project, playing with structures and colours. 

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Our theme for this month is "JunkArt". This topic is perfect for me, on my desk you will find a lot of "trash" that I like to give new life to. There will also be old light bulbs, various metal elements, and parts of some mechanisms. I often use such things in my projects. In this artwork, I used a large, wooden platform that waited several years for its moment. On this, I built a Halloween composition using the rubbish from the desk. To ensure that everything fits together beautifully, I used liquid acrylic paints and of course, white gesso which is perfect for such purposes.

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Some time ago I did several altered mint tins. Perhaps just because I did several in a row, the extra tins I had in my stash didn’t inspire me the same way. But this theme, “trash to treasure”, made me think about those tins again and I used one of them here, but with a little twist compared to the ones I made before. 

The tins I made during last fall and spring all had the surprise inside. The tin looked like an ordinary mint tin from the top, but when you opened it, you didn’t find sweets but instead a little autumn scenery, for example. But this time I decorated the cover again and kept the inside as it is. 
My goal was to use a lot of items from my “beautiful trash” collection. There’s a couple of Mechanicals in the composition as well, but mainly the items are trash. There’s a spice jar lid, an empty roll of tape, a soda can pull and several buttons. There’s even a key from an old mobile phone! 

I first thought to paint the assemblage with white gesso and turn it into whole other colour. But after adhering the items using Heavy Body Gel, their colours matched quite nicely, so I added just touches of colour here and there. I used Liquid acrylic and diluted them to be more translucent using Liquid Color Fluid Medium. 

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