Thursday, 16 January 2020

Start now - Aleksandra Mihelic

Hello dear Finnabair friends and fans. First let me wish you a blessed, prosperous and happy new year of 2020. May it be a year of new adventures, creating new happy moments, a year of reconnecting with people in your lives. I personally try to evaluate each year what was good and what has some space for improvements in my life. It’s not like a new year resolution, but it’s like a year evaluation and trying to plan best for the year to come. But this doesn't refer only to my work but a major part of it is evaluating my life. My relationships with people, my response to things happening to me, the importance of things in my life and prioritizing, … So, I’m stepping into new year with some new decisions, some new priorities, hoping this will improve the quality of my life for the future years. With each year that passes by, I’m becoming more and more aware of the importance of true friendships, good and meaningful relationships with people around us, taking care of our bodies and souls,… Because of some health issues I wasn’t creating much in the past few months and it was really hard for me to start again. But this project that I’m sharing with you today, came with such an easiness and straight from my heart. I hope it will inspire you and bring you some joy.

I decided to work on a kitchen cutting board and alter it. I first applied some Graphite texture paste through one of the amazing Finnabair stencils, let it dry and then added some pieces of Dusty Attic chipboards on top. I added some colour with Green-Grey rust effect paste from Military set and also coloured a big leafy chipboard piece with it. Then I added two round Prima frames in the middle of my composition. Behind the smaller frame I added a piece of cardboard and dressed it into “Solar” Tissue paper. I added some mechanicals Butterfly wings and a label with a quote. Then I attached everything onto my base, added some mechanical leaves and some Prima flowers and dry-brushed everything with some White Heavy Gesso. 

I also have a video tutorial for you on Finnabair studio youtube channel, so you can follow along the proccess if you wish to.

I hope you liked my project and you will draw some inspiration from it for your future projects.
I wish to you all the best and see you back soon!
Hugs, Aleksandra

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Map of Dreams - Collage or Journal? - by Finnabair

Hi there my Creative Souls!
New Year.
New beginning.
Also - a new mood board created for our Art Daily Cafe project.
Last week I was showing you my first official make of 2020 - it was all happening on Art Daily Cafe Blog, here, and I was explaining how maps are an important element of my life is no many ways, both literal and metaphorical. 
I don't want to repeat all this information here, especially I'm talking about my inspiration during the video I added below - but let me tell you: this project is very personal and meaningful to me and I'm so happy I pushed myself towards creating it.
There are so many nuances in it and pieces I've added into this collage which are showing my personality, my story and my dreams. You can say this spread speaks my language and on so many levels - in fact it is full of things you can call my "creative vocabulary".
I'm blessed I could take the time and creating something for "myself". This is the essence of "Art Daily" project to me and I'm so happy I have this little oasis of creativity in my life, without any pressure to show the techniques, new products or latest designs. These are so exciting - by all means, I love doing it - but creating for the sake of creating is a totally different animal. I'm sure you get it.

So here it is - my little gift to you this month - my step-by-step video, explaining the process the best way I could. I was trying to add a little of the background info to it, so there is a lot of talking, but if you don't like this kind of videos, just switch the sound off!

Here is the list of the supplies I've used - I hope it is useful! All of them are liked 

Thank you so much for watching - stay tuned for more exciting things happening this week... the new release reveal is coming soon!

Monday, 13 January 2020

Black and white by Katja Joulak

Hello dear mixedmedia lovers!
Today I have created a fake ”canvas. Yes, this piece are not made on a canvas,  because I want you to use what you have at home when you create. I love black and white with metal details. Oh, yes that combo in clothes, handbags, my nails and also for home decor. So today I got inspiration from all  of them. 

Take a look around you and notice what you like. All these things can give you inspiration to your next project. 

Texture, white and black paint. Beads, flakes and gold wax to give the metallic effect.

Here is a video tutorial for you. You are welcome to watch.

Xoxo Katja

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

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