Saturday, 18 August 2018

“Fragments” Mixed Media Collage on Canvas Tutorial by Sanda Reynolds

My dear friends,
I have always loved vintage elements, flea market findings, old walls and distressed textures. The look and the feel of old buildings, ornaments, items are a feast for my eyes and my soul. Today Sanda shows you how to create stunning vintage effect using my newest Fantasy Texture Pastes, Plaste Paste and other media.

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“I'm writing my story so that others might see fragments of themselves.”  Lena Waithe

Hi guys,
I’.m back today sharing my newest project for the Team, a mixed media collage on canvas, that I hope you’ll enjoy. I used lots and lots of Finn’s goodies when I created this canvas, old and new, so let me show you how you can easily bring magic into your art, just by using these amazing products!

I started by collaging pieces of handmade paper and Finnabair resist canvas using 3D Matte Gel. When this was dry, I applied a generous amount of Finn’s plaster paste, spreading it with a palette knife. I didn’t cover the entire canvas and I spread it unevenly, leaving it thick in some places and thin in others to create more interest. I dried this layer thoroughly.

TIP: If your plaster paste, or indeed any other texture paste starts to dry a bit, just add a few spritzes of water, mix well and you are ready to go.
Going back to my canvas - when the plaster paste was dry, I collaged more elements, this time I used a few tiny puzzle pieces from my stash and some wonderful Finnabair Mechanicals. When I finished glueing down all of them, I applied a coat of white heavy gesso and dried everything again.

For my next step, I added colour and texture using the new Fantasy Texture Paste sets. I started with the Fire Orange from the Anemone and Coral set. I spread the paste in a few places with a brush, then spritzed it with water from a spray bottle and blended with a baby wipe. Next, I added Turquoise and Powder Blue from the Northern Lights set and Blue Green from the Anemone and Coral set. All these new colours are just amazing! 😊

For a bit more pizzazz, I added two of the new Art Alchemy Opal Magic paints – Teal Pink and my favourite Teal Blue. Pure awesomeness, my friends… pure magic… you’ll see what I mean when you’ll watch the video, they are just gorgeous!

For my focal point, I created a “mosaic” of puzzle pieces on which I collaged Finn’s Ephemera vintage photos.
To finish my canvas, I added another layer of Fantasy Texture Paste, (this time I used Cream from the Old Walls set) and a few splatters with Teal Blue Opal Magic.

Here is my video where you can watch my creative process and see the products I used. Enjoy and have fun!

I hope you’ve got inspired by this project and you are ready to try some of these techniques in your artwork.

Have a lovely day, my friends, 
Sanda xoxo

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

2018 Autumn Finnabair Classes are almost here!

Hi again, how are you doing this week?
Can you believe Autumn is almost here? For me it means back to my teaching schedule and visiting as many of you as possible! So, would you like to take some Finnabair classes?
Here is your chance! Sweden, The Netherlands, Spain and Scotland are on the list followed with Australia and New Zealand... I couldn't be more excited!

9 September 2018 - Classes at the Skaparlusten, Sjobo, Sweden - bookings here!

21-23 September 2018 - Classes at De ScrapheapThe Netherlands - bookings here!

29-30 September 2018 - Classes at PEQUEÑUS SCRAPBOOK in Valencia, Spain - bookings here!

27-28 October 2018 - Classes at The Mad Scrapper, Edinburgh, Scotland - bookings here!

Australia and NZ:
2-4 November 2018 - Art and Soul Studio, Harvey Bay, QLD, AU - bookings here

7-8 November 2018 Pages 2 Scrap, Tuggerah/Sydney, NSW, AU - bookings here

10-11 November 2018 - Artified, Melbourne, VIC, AU - bookings here

13-14 November 2018 - Scrap 2 RelaxDrouin, VIC, AU - bookings here

17-18 November 2018 - Zyneri Event in Auckland, NZ - bookings here!

20-21 November 2018 - The Scrapbooker's Confetti Box, Swansea, NSW, AU - bookings here 
or phone: 02 49721339

Would you like to see where I'm going to travel next year? 
Some of the places are already on the list here - put the dates in your calendar!
Sending you all lots of love

Friday, 10 August 2018

Dramatic art journal spread

Hello folks,
When we are about to go on holiday, usually we can pack limited supplies only, so many people decide not to create. But holidays are so relaxing that many people are more inspired and could joyfully let themselves to express their creativity. Tanyalee shows us that it is possible to create great art-journal spread with very limited supplies. We hope you would feel inspired <3

*  *  *  *

Welcome back to another art journaling tutorial with Tanyalee. Today I am using minimal products to make a dramatic art journal spread.

My art journal pages typically start with laying down ephemera such as magazine clippings, book pages, text, tissue paper or gift wrap – and this spread is no different. I use Soft Matte Gel as an adhesive and to seal the collage so that wet media does not ruin them.

My second layer is generally acrylic paint in coordinating colours to the collage. In this case I have used Art Alchemy Impasto paints in Pitch Black and Azure. One of my favourite ways to use these paints is to blend them with my fingers and to spray them with water to create drips down the page.

I also love to add details to my spreads using dots and ink. Today I have used Opal Magic paint and Metallique Paint using the end of a paint brush, as well as white acrylic ink with a nib pen to create free illustrations.

And to finish off the spread I hand scripted a phrase, and added some ink splatters, because no page is finished without splatters!

And here is my video tutorial:

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, and I look forward to sharing another tutorial with you again next month.

Yours in messiness

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Creative Vocabulary and Personal Stories - Journal Pages and FB Live Gesso Tutorial

Hi again my friends.
Oh, what a week it was! More journal pages are done, mind-blowing journaling class with Amanda Grace at The Pilgrim Soul Studio in Sligo, and then finally some good time with friends and the beginning of the pickling season - looks like I was busy!
From all that, making some time for creativity was a priority for me. Intentionally I was trying hard to carve some time to literally stick dome things together and get some pages done - just for my own sanity, pleasure and enjoyment. I was writing a longer post on this topic 2 weeks ago - you can check it here - and now I'm coming back with more pages from my Summerbook - and a bunch of thoughts on the journaling process. And today I'm back with more.
What I  confirmed during the RAW art journaling class with Amanda, was the conclusion that we all have our own creative vocabulary - a way of expressing our emotions, feelings and thoughts. What is important and fascinating - if you will let your subconsciousness take control over the creative process you will realise some of the patterns in your works will repeat. We may be using the same set of techniques over and over. Or colour palette. Or certain kind of imaginery. Or tools.  You can call it a "creative comfort zone"  or "personal style" but what they really are our "words" helping us project our feelings and inner narration onto our artwork, making it visible to others. They are our own creative language, and taking some time to analyze this aspect of our creativity may be really beneficial and inspiring.
It is all starting at the moment when we are gathering our elements and supplies. 
No matter how much we love to try new products and techniques there always will be things which will finally land on our table. There is no point in fighting with them - they will come back anyway. I'm sure you know what I mean - even if we are experimenting with new ideas, there will be always something "old" showing through them. And there is nothing wrong with that!
Our "vocabulary" will evolve, naturally change in time, some aspects of creations will be more important for us, some choices more natural and easier than others. What is important here we shouldn't be forcing it and pushing ourselves too hard. Being upset with "similarities". It would be better to think there are some stories which still want to be told and this language is the right one to do it... maybe you should explore the topic a bit more? Think through it and see why things are going a certain way? Is it just because it is the "only way you know" or maybe - there is something much deeper in it? And - are they really so "similar" to each other anyway? If you put your heart into them - I'm sure they are not!
If there is a need to discover new lands and explore new things - the creative language will naturally start to change, new ideas will stick to your mind, you will be tempted to try colours, techniques or images you've never used before. You will play and create new meanings, new stories and simply - make art the way you like it at the very moment!
Let's take a look at the journal pages I've posted today.
My resources and techniques used were really limited. I've used similar images and tools... Yes, they are ones which are easy to pack and take with me anywhere - but there are some of my "all-time favourites" - naturally! I can agree they are all in a similar mood - but they are certainly telling very different stories! 
I like to think the meaning of the artwork, or as I call it - the "story"- is in the eye of the beholder. I create my collages or journal pages expressing my feelings and thoughts, they are my way of communicating with you all, but they are open to interpretation. I can give you some visible hints - but even if I'd like, I cant capture exactly all the nuances which are the ingredients of these projects. It's really up to you what you will see there, projecting your own personality on them. And this is the beauty of creating and admiring the artwork!

What are my "staple" elements in art journaling then? My creative vocabulary?
Found objects - I'm sure. They may be just old papers with handwritten notes, pressed flowers or rusty metal parts - but for me, they are all precious an meaningful. As you can see threads and old labels are at the top of the list, recently!
Next - images of people, possibly vintage ones or ones of my family or friends. It may sound a bit creepy, but I LOVE using the photos of the people who are long gone. For me, it is like writing their life story over and over again so they will be never forgotten...
Next favourite - limited colours, often including tea stain brown. Sometimes I think it would b enough just to use this tea infuse, some pen or pencil, and I would be happy with the result. (But - why not?). Other important colours would be red and shades of blue, purple and grey. They just want to go on the page - and I don't fight with them!
One more - dots, splatters and circles. They are perfect, dynamical elements of composition and great finishing touches. Love them all.
Finally - texture! Fabric, paste or paper - it doesn't matter to me but there has to be something for the colour to stick to and stay on. I love the staining effects, different colour saturation depending on the background, the beauty of the layers. I can't help it - and as I said before, it is pointless to fight with that!

There is one more thing that seems to bind all of my journaling pages together - Gesso. The most popular and basic art supply, which makes all the magic possible and creates the best surface to work on with colour and finishing touches. It also does a great job for covering some parts of the projects you don't like that much... I can't imagine working without it!

If you'd like to learn more about different kinds of Gesso and get some tips and ideas - check this FB Live below! I was inspired by the hints and questions you were leaving onr me in Instagram and Facebook - so thank you again for the help!

Here are the links to the products I was talking about - all available in Mixed Media Place Store - and many of your local and online stores as well!

What is your creative vocabulary?
Your habits and techniques you came back to, over and over again? Something you can't imagine work without? Let me know!

I hope I was able to inspire you a bit...
Sending love and hugs
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