Friday, 22 October 2021

I've locked a woman in a watch by Olga Sępkowska

 I just wanted to try on how my medal with the woman would look in the watch. It turned out to look great and fit almost perfectly. I did have to scrape a bit, but luckily the resin casting allowed me to do that. What's more, I realized that the smaller one also fits perfectly. That was the start of my today’s project.

I don't use metallic flakes very often so I decided to give it a go today. In a simple way you can get a fantastic background. I found a plank of wood and used it to apply gilding glue. When it dried I could easily apply the gold flakes and enjoy the beautiful background. Next time I plan to use bubble wrap!

Of course you can see every step of my project on video. Enjoy it! 



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Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Altered Ceramic Bird Cage by Iveta Ziedina

Hello all,

today I have this cool altered ceramic bird cage I wanted to share with you!

I got the idea for this project when I spotted this pretty thing in my local craft shop and I just couldn’t pass it. I had to take it home.

This project doesn’t really have much of a story behind it other than that I think it turned out pretty and I really enjoyed making it!

My favourite part has to be the way the background turned out with all the different liquid acrylics and of course my favourite Unicorn’s Hair Sparks on the frame of the cage!

Sometimes it’s just that, we make pretty things just to make them pretty!

I hope this project will inspire you to create something just because you can!

Lots of love,

Iveta xxx

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Monday, 18 October 2021

Snow White Tag by Emilia Tapiola

Hello dear Finnabair friends, 

It’s October, and although Halloween is on everyone’s lips, I though I’ll do something else instead. Here in Finland, we celebrate the All-Saints Day and remember our beloved ones not here anymore, so created a white tag, resembling first snow and remembrance.

I attached some Nautical tissue paper on the background and primed the tag with white Heavy Gesso and added dimension with Laurels stencil and Frosty Pearl Icing Paste.

I wanted a light and beautiful, simple collage, and used some Mechanicals, a bit of cheese cloth, old buttons, and Art Pebbles, and attached everything with Heavy Body Gel.

To get everything white, I primed the collage twice with gesso, and then painted with Impasto Snow White. After that, I added just a tiny bit of shadowing with Impastos Pitch Black and Dark Chocolate and added a hint of colour with Metallique paint Light Patina and Liquid Acrylic Burnt Sienna.

To get a glistening snow effect, I added Unicorn and Crushed Ice Effect Pastes, and warmth in form of Vintage Silk wax.

I also added tiny lights, to make it look wintery, as I cannot twait for the cozy, dark, wonderful wintertime to come!

Here’s a video of the process:

I wish you happy autumn,


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