Friday, 20 May 2022

Fairies and other wonders by Olga Sępkowska

My imagination often suggests to me an image of a fairy world full of magic and wonders. That's probably why there is so much of it in my projects. I am sure that fairies surround themselves with magical creatures, plants with unusual properties and technologies the world has never seen. And all this sprinkled with magical, glittering dust. Exactly like in my project. 

Effects pastes (I used Pixie) and Sparks paints are great for magical projects. These will give a magic dust effect and lots of shimmers. They will help your project shine!

Remember, you don't need special bases to create a design, sometimes all you need is a simple piece of cardboard and you're good to go. I found a round piece of cardboard that I decided to use. I think that using 'rubbish' in creative work is a brilliant idea and only helps us to develop our resourcefulness. 

As always, I invite you to watch the film, where you can see step by step how my project was created. Have fun! 



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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Sweet Vintage Art Journal Cover by Emilia Tapiola

 Hello friends, 

Creating journals feels like creating new worlds. And what comes to the cover… It’s the precious, whispering invitation to step into those worlds. I created an invitation to a sweet, gentle, world, filled with soft wisdom, whispering of broken beauty and hidden strength. 

Here’s what I did…

The cover, a plain thick cardboard piece, was approx. 11 cm., and I chose a pile of inspiring material for it: vintage papers and vintage jewellery pieces, 7 Dot Studio paper, lace, and fabric.

First, I covered the cardboard with Moda Tissue paper, using Soft Matte Gel, and primed it twice with white Heavy Gesso. Then, I painted it with acrylic Impasto Snow White paint, and after drying, mixed Impastos Pitch Black and Chocolate Brown for vintage look and painted the edges.

Next step was to layer vintage papers, scrapbook paper, and lace onto the cover. I primed the pieces I chose, with Clear Gesso and then added the brown and black acrylic paint mix onto the edges, to give them more worn-out look. Then I glued everything in place. The heavier pieces like a cardboard frame, I secured in place with Heavy Body Gel.

The final touch was to add the actual, tiny little composition of a swan feather, a silk flower, and a vintage earring, which I glued with Heavy Body Gel. The cover needed something darker for contrast, so I added a (half of a) Rusty Paper Clip.

Link to the video of the process here: 

Wishing you all things gentle and beautiful,


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