Saturday, 4 January 2020

2020 - refreshing and what is the schedule for this year?

Hi my Dear Ones!
I know the beginning of the year may be tough and it is not easy to make our body and brain move after the festive time during the Christmas and New Year celebrations... but, slowly but surely I want to work on stretching my creative muscles and I hope you are going to join me on this path!
First of all - I've focused on re-decorating my social media channels. I know this is not a big thing, but I feel it is a fresh start!
I've changed the look of my Finnabair Private You Tube Channel - adding new header and making the playlists will be easy to find.
What can you find in there? It is a good mix of tutorials, step-by-step project videos, product explaining, Live Shows recordings...and finally a new thing, Video Journals where I'm trying to talk to you directly about everything... Interested? Check it out here!

The same we did for our official Finnabair Creative Team Tutorials You Tube - do you know you can see all the videos with the BEST projects explained step-by-step by my super talented Team Members - all in one place?
Well,  you can! In the times when blogging is less and less popular the luxury of having tutorials delivered to you 2 times a week is something you should not miss - all you need to do is to subscribe Finnabair Art Files and ring the bell!

Are you a fan of Pinterest? 
I am, although I have to say I wasn't using it enough in the last 2 years... now, all refreshed and organised it is coming back to you - with boards full of visual inspiration for you to check, repin and share with your friends. New content will be added in the coming weeks, so if you are a Pinterest person, don't forget to subscribe to Finnabair Boards! 

Last, but not least - Live, in-person classes!
Since my last post in December there are some major changes so you may want to check what is coming in the next months! Here is the updated schedule for you!

29 February - 1 March 2020 - Classes in UK - bookings:  

6-7 March 2020 - Classes in Slovenia for Art Butik - bookings here!

11-15 March 2020 - Mixed Media Event 2020 in South Africa - bookings closed

18-19 April 2020 - Classes in Alsace, France - bookings here

May 2020 - Classes in the US and Canada
Classes in Illinois, USA (bookings opening soon!)
and Ontario, Canada (bookings opening soon!)

23-24 May 2020 - Classes for Timbroscrapmania, Rome, Italy - bookings here!

6-7 June 2020 - Classes for Skaparlusten, Sweden (more details soon!)

13-14  June 2020
- Classes for Mit Liebe Selbstgemacht in Berlin, Germany- bookings here!
27-28 June - Classes in the UK - more details soon!

12-13 September - Classes for in France
26-27 September - Classes for De Scrapheap in The Netherlands

24-25 October 2020 - Classes for Amelia's Crafts in the UK

November 2020 - Tour in Australia and NZ

I hope you are as excited about the new, 2020 as much as I am... especially the time for the shows and new releases is coming so soon! I wish I could share a bit of the secret already, but for now, my lips have to be sealed...
Wishing you all a wonderful, creative week!

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