Wednesday 31 October 2018

Halloween notebook by Svetlana Lipnitskaya

Light magic of Halloween from Svetlana. Hello dear Finnabair friends and fans! Soon everyone will light the lights in pumpkins and have fun during Halloween. And what I have for you here is a notebook with a skeleton. It's light magic, not evil magic! 

I needed two cardboard and two pieces of coarse linen. I made a cover for a Notepad using these two canvases and decorated it with white gesso and white crackle paste. I love to create texture using lace.

I glued them to the canvas using white gesso and then paint with sprays, paint and whatever comes to mind. Using waxes and acrylic paint Opal Magic-Rose-Gold I highlighted some areas of the cover. 

In some areas I used a mix of Opal Magic-Rose-Gold Paint and Glass Glitter-Copper which was a very beautiful combination of Finnabair products.

I also made a video tutorial, sharing the process.

I hope I inspired you to create something beautiful on your own and just to be yourself. It is important in your life as well as in all your creative adventures.
Enjoy your day and I can't wait to be with you again next time!
Hugs, Svetlana

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

Monday 29 October 2018

Art Daily - More Than a Diary, More Than a Journal

My dear friends, I'm so happy I can finally share this news with you!

We are all set up and ready to officially launch my new Prima release, Art Daily, but what is even more important for me - Art Daily Cafe: new inspirational, blog, Facebook Group and Instagram Account - all created for you ( and me!) to inspire, encourage and exchange creative energy.

This is a big dream coming true - when I was first discussing this idea with my friends years ago, I didn't expect it will come to life... but with a bit of help and encouragement, we can do much more than we expect... would you like to learn more? Here is the video for you!

Why Art Daily?
If you often feel your day is full of to-do lists, multi-tasking, and all these important things we have to focus on and you forget to stop from time to time and re-charge - this project and creative community is your new home!
Life can be fast-paced, frustrating, and overwhelming, but I've learned one important thing: there is always time and place to create art - you just find your way to do it.
These may be longer, planned sessions or just short moments caught between your everyday tasks, but they’re all like a deep breath for your soul. It is not about creating masterpieces or competing with others, but it is a conscious act of self-care, releasing creative energy and giving yourself permission to play, listen to your inner voice, to inspire and be inspired – the possibilities are endless! Photos, accidental art, little notes, sketches, or full-size projects, they’re all small steps in the right direction - to get back to your creative self.
Art Daily is much more than a diary or a journal, it’s your creative playground, but also a selection of tools to get you going. We are handing you prompts to get you started and motivated - so you can play, experiment, and spread your wings. They’re a starting point, but don’t let them limit you!
There are no set rules on how to practice Art Daily either - you don’t need tons of art supplies. Here the act of creating is more important than the results.
We want this book to be both a practical tool and an inspiring journal for you to grow creatively, to remember your creative needs and really practice art - one small step a day. 
With “Art Daily” you will discover your potential without any pressure, competition, and with total freedom of expression - and we are waiting for you online with all the love, encouragement and inspiration to get you going. Let's build this creative community together!

What is included in my Art Daily Release?

First of all - Art Daily Journal - 7”x9” with four elastic bands, one art insert and card set (56 cards) is included in the starter set.
Great quality chipboard is sturdy and easy to decorate and the elastics make this cover a very versatile book: you can add extra inserts, put in yor favourite notebook - or use it as a cover of your own, handmade junk journal as well!
You will find decorative washi tapes and beautiful, vintage-inspired sticker pads with sentiments, old images or inspiratinal quotes which will tickle tour creativity!
There are also 2 sets of cling stamps - great for journaling, planners and so much more!
Finally - there are sets of accessories which will steal tour hearts: vintage clips, paperclips and bookmarks - all in antique or rusty finish.

Would you like to learn more?
Check Art Daily Cafe Blog - meet my friends who are waiting for you to start our creative journey!
Follow us on Instagram and join our FB Group - and let yourself play a bit, every day!

You can also see more details of this release on My Prima Place blog - here!

Friday 26 October 2018

Two projects by Riddhi Janni

Hello everyone,
This is Riddhi. I'm so happy and honoured to be in such an amazing team. This is really a dream came true for me. Thanks Is really a small word to show the feelings deep inside my heart for Finnabair and Tusia.

I'm sharing 2 projects today. One is a pure inspiration and the another one comes along with tutorial.

Let me tell you something about my canvas "Walk Through Your Path". 

Here in this project you can see five photos showing different types of road or we can say walking space. I believe that in our life also, we have to walk through many different kinds of paths. It can be good path, normal path, worst path, etc. But if we have faith to do something good in our life, eventually we are going to get a better way for our life going through different kinds of paths. It means we all will get the desired path and destination someday. We just have to go through it with a whole heart, energy and possibilities of completion with hard work. I hope you all like this canvas and thought.

I made this canvas with lots of Finnabair goodies. Heart locket by Finnabair is representing the feelings which we hold during our journey into our heart.

I wanted to try shades of blue so I used Impasto Cobalt and Impasto Bottle Green which give super coverage. I love to use Impasto paints. If you guys want to learn more about Impasto, you can visit Finnabair Facebook Page. She made a fabulous video for it. I'm so sure after watching this video you will get all the answers regarding this.

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

Here is my second project which is Layout "Magic In Eyes".

In this Layout you will see the main theme - different shapes of glass. These glass items are different in nature. But the object behind the glass stays the same. Because of glass' own nature we can see how it changes the shape of an object, when it is filled with water. Just like us - we all have different, precious eyes by grace of God. But not everyone have the power to see beyond the normal view. I told Anna many times, that I can see Magic in her eyes. It is so pure and I can see her soul through it - a pure soul full of positive thoughts and love. Even if I didn't meet her, still I can feel it by her eyes.  So this layout is dedicated to all the people who have the eyes full of magic.

In this layout I used lots of art ingredients by my favorite Finnabair Brand. If you would like to see how I created this layout, here is my video. I Hope you will enjoy it.

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

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