Wednesday 31 August 2022

August Brand Ambassadors' Spotlight


Hello friends!

August host of Brand Ambassadors' Spotlight is Pascale B. Scrap and her theme is "Using natural elements like poppy pods, alder fruits, and any kind of dry plants". Below our talented Ambassadors: Pascale, Riikka, Aga and Juliya share their projects with you.

If you have been following me, you should have noticed that I love using flowers in my project. It has always been a real challenge for me to not use them. Well, it's mostly because I always feel very inspired by the Nature around us: the colours, the shapes,  ... It seems just normal to use natural elements in projects as well.

To start I primed the MDF base with white gesso which I covered with a book page. I covered it with a thin layer of white gesso as I wanted to see the print. Next, I added a design with the Victorian Tiles stencil and paper paste. 

I primed all the elements with white gesso. I find it easier this way, but you can prime when they are glued. It's really up to you. I started my composition with the biggest elements. Here it's obviously the frame, the handle, and the flowers. When those were in place, I added the natural elements: poppy pods and alder fruits.  I continue with more minor elements like the watches and the leaves. To finish the composition, I added different sizes of Art Stones. They are really great for filling empty spaces. 

I used liquid acrylic paints to colour the composition. I used different shades of green and blue as well as a little touch of purple. I added several layers of paint. When I was happy with the colours I highlight the details with Bronze Age and White Gold waxes. To finish I added some Magic Potion Unicorn paste and glitter.

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I haven't created any layout for a long time, so today I decided to face the 30x30 surface. In my inspiration, you will find feather-light rubons that I used on paper for a change and heavy metal elements such as tailor's scissors, which I attached with a heavy body gel. 

Contrasting accessories are always tricky for me,  but I like to combine them with each other. To make it easier to put rubons on the paper, I first secured it with clear gesso, then they stick to the surface faster.

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I love using natural materials in my projects. Dried flowers, twigs, feathers, what could be more beautiful?

This time I combined these materials with a Gothic theme. First, I fixed the dried flowers with a Soft gloss gel. And then I painted the background with gesso and paints.\

Then I put together the composition, and covered the entire decor with black gesso. And then painted with waxes.

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I’m not totally sure if I took too many liberties when making these ATCs. The topic was “natural elements” so I thought shells would be ok. Partly I did this because I’ve recently used dried flowers and plant materials in my projects and wanted to do something a bit different. Partly the reason is my fascination with the sea. 

I wanted the little shells to be the highlight of these cards. But I managed to add quite a lot of different mediums and other details in there as well! I mixed silver, white and blue in these to convey the idea of sprays and glistening waves. To balance the cool colours, I also added brown tones in the form of an old plank, or rather, an imitation of an old plank. This was to resemble driftwood or boards from a sunken ship.

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