Monday 31 December 2018

Mixedmedia box by Svetlana Lipnitskaya

Hello dears! Today I encourage you to make a gift with your own hands - bake cookies and pack in a beautiful box. Cookies should be baked according to your favorite recipe, and I'll show the box itself.

 My box is in the shape of an asterisk with a dreamy angel. Very little crafting, I painted it with black gesso and then applied graphite paste through the stencil. How beautiful it flickers! 

I mixed glass silver glitter and red glitter with 3D gel and applied the mixture using a brush on top of the frozen graphite paste. Then make tiny splashes using white gesso - to add some snowy mood!

Flower arrangement, metal music and angel pasted on a heavy body gel is a powerful thing! 

The final touch was the waxes-metallic gold and silver colors! Hugs, Svetlana

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

Friday 28 December 2018

No need to hurry by Riddhi Jani

Hello guys, 
This is Riddhi and welcoming you all on Finnabair's blog today. 

This project is very close to my heart. We all have fast going life style, but even though we all live with dreams and goals for ourselves. 
Sometimes we thought that nothing is going to be okay or maybe we will not achieve our dreams ? 
And to be honest, i did't get any answer before i read this precious quote from art daily collection. 

"No need to hurry, No need to sparkle, No need to be anyone but oneself". 

After reading this quote i got all the answers for my questions. So i made myself  believe, if we work for our dreams each day (even if in small steps) we will definitely achieve it sooner or later.
So don't worry if you are behind anyone else, what matters the most is to Be yourself and improve yourself each single day. Prove yourself that you could do better then you did in your past.

Let me tell you more about products I used. I’m in love with art daily quotes and the collection is a must have.

I used all soft (opal magic acrylic) colours in this project to feel the softer side of my thoughts and thanks to Finnabair we have many options to choose from. Opal magic colours are amazing. So if you have not tried it before, this is the right time to put your hands on. All media give different effects: for example impasto paint will give you matt finishing, opal magic colours will give you pearly shine, art alchemy sparkle colours will give you sparkle effect etc. Most important thing is, they are permanent after drying and we can use them on any surface.

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

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