Thursday 30 April 2020

March winner

Hello friends!!

Thank you for your beautiful project! We are always happy to see the ocean of creativity that lives within you :)

And today we are happy to announce the winner - one person, who will receive pack of products and who will be our Guest Designer!

We are happy to announce that the winner of March 2020 Art Recipe is RossoPapavero with this project:

Beautiful mixture of great textures, vintage and natural elements and fabulous idea!
To the winner: you are invited to be our Guest Designer and you win Finnabair products pack so please write an e-mail to us at to establish all details :)

To all participants: thank you so much for playing with us! And if you feel similar to us regarding the winning project, please leave some love under this blog post in comment section.
Also please remember, that new challenge is still open and the rules are simple: you need to stick to the colour palette and use at least 2 of the products listed in a challenge.

Have a great day!
Finnabair team

Monday 27 April 2020

Look for the magic by Tiffany Solorio

For my project this month I altered a paint brush and I used the Art alchemy wax again. The wax is so much fun to use and love seeing the magic when I add the wax to the project.

For a project like this you can use anything you can find to add unique elements. When you paint it black you can't really tell what it was until you start adding the wax.

Have a good day :)

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

Brand Ambassadors' Spotlight

Hello friends,
Our fabulous brand ambassadors are here to inspire you. This month they decided to choose the theme: "my favourite things". It is so needed now to focus on good things, that give us pleasure and help us to relax.

This month host is Cindy and the theme is her idea. Vasilis Kontos and Kassa Hayselden decided to join and together they created this fabulous, inspirational post. Enjoy.

Hi! It’s my turn to choose a subject for this months Ambassador Spotlight and I immediately thought of ‘My Favorite Things’. For me that’s easy! When I started experimenting with Mixed Media and discovered Finnabair waxes I entered a whole new world. These waxes are super pretty, versatile and they smell delicious ;) I recommend the waxes to everybody who starts with Mixed Media just because they match so perfectly with each other and are super easy to use. You can’t wrong with the waxes so everything you create will look awesome!

I decided to create an Old School Cindy project ;) I covered my Finnabair journal with black gesso, added all kinds of texture, using cheesecloth, Sculpture Medium and Texture Paste and mixed and matched different colors of wax. It’s an easy project which you can definitely do as a beginner mixed media adventurer. 
You can also follow along with this Journal Cover, I’ve uploaded a full tutorial to my YouTube channel for you guys. 

Hi loVelies
Awe I’m so happy to be sharing a little colour with you all today and ‘Favorite Things’ was a prompt that I couldn’t resist but teehee how hard to pick my favorites…
Anyways after a fair few days thinking about all the possibilities I decided to pop into my craft room,  dig into my stash to see where spontaneity took me.  Well 2 journals later and voila, the Art Daily refill journal’s cover I used to adorn the ring bound journal.  The Art Daily focal cover being a truly beautiful mixed media print with Anna aka Finnabair  taking centre stage.

So I ripped off the cover and coloured in with various colouring pencils, the colouring was ott as this was going to be a fun, colourful mixed media style.

A few leftover lengths of lace, unused journal scraps were collaged in and around the coloured in cover and I also adhered lush layers of tissue paper , the ring bound journal cover was now ready for a few Metal Mechanicals Embellishments & Art Stones…

Once everything was dry I loosely gesso’d, quickly dried and then added colour to blend  everything together.  Impasto paint was perfect but oh boy MORE perfect when I rubbed in a touch of Liquid Acrylic paint!   This colour combo gives even more uber colour PoP!  A hint of Metallique paint, smears of the Waxes & a sprinkle of Micro Beads gave a high shine to highlight and lift and I used the black glitter in the deep crevasses to give shadow and help create more depth, of course all the magic sparkle and shine just adds the magical touch…

A  spritz here and there with shimmer spray, splatters, scribbles and splodges and I’m next door to finished!  The final touch is a few swipes of the Matte wax to tone down the shine adding yet another dimension to the piece.

Right I’m off to grab a cuppa tea before a mega tidy up in my craft room as it looks soooooo bad hahaha x
Take care my loVelies and stay safe, warmest of hugs to you all xoxoxo

When I begin making this ceramic jar I was not sure for the result.I made with clay and stamp the lamina effect and with sponge pf the sea I begin put layers of the colors mixed with modeling paste.After I add a layer of crackle paste here and there also with sponge of the sea.

I made shades with liquids acrylics but I didn’t like the result.Isaid how I create such a terrible project even the mood with the lockdown was terrible.

And suddenly comes the idea begin correct what I didn’t like with the magical new mattes waxes.Patina green and patina blue and wow the project begins looks nice.Black and brown for the shades and to the end aged brass so to have the patina effect.

Finally when I had finish and I add to the main chipboard a little brass glitter comes the idea here and there to add white matte waxes and here I had the best saltwash effect and my jar looks like comes from the deep of the sea

I hope you enjoy and like the result

Have a great day!!
Finnabair Team

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