Monday 28 April 2014

How to be an artist...?

I really strongly believe that being an artist is only a matter of ... decision we make on some stage of our life.
One day we simply grow up to the thought we want to create art of some kind. That is already a moment of bravery for some of us - naming ourselves "artists" doesn't come easy - especially if you are 100% self thought (like me), without any degrees in arts or courses finished (like me), someone who just loves to create basically useless pieces for the pure pleasure of the creative process (like me).  Only thing you can do in this situation is close your eyes and jump from the cliff, screaming, hoping the water is deep enough for you to swim. That's what I did.
Then there comes another problem: how to be an artist? I know many of us struggle with it - I have loads of doubts and hard moments myself, I stumble and fall all the time - but the answer seems to be really easy - and you can find it on the collage below:

That's it! Can you see it?
"Create Art".
Nothing can be gained, nothing can be done without the act of creating. And it is crucial to be prepared the effect may be far from perfection. In fact, expecting your project will be perfect, beautiful, breathtaking masterpiece would be the worst thing you can do to yourself - because it never happens! It is impossible to create a project exactly the way we can see it in our dreams - and the best way to deal with it is to accept it, play with ideas, possibilities, learn and practice as much as possible. In fact: the more you do, the easier it gets and the better your art is.
A couple of days ago one of my friends posted this picture on her FB wall:

(picture by Kate Holden?)

I think it says everything you need to know about being an artist: just DO.
Try to do your best on your good days and bad days and don't expect it will be 100% success every time :)
(The collage above is a great example - I'm not happy with some elements of it, but I'm not going to make any drama or throw it in the fireplace - it is still something I had great pleasure making and I feel I learnt something during the creative process...)
During my classes I try to encourage people to try, play, experiment - and I wish they would remember it is all about having fun, expressing ourselves, trying - not comparing our work with other projects in the classroom or internet. It is about your personal progress and experience - and the best competition for you would be... you from the day before.
You may not agree with me - in fact I'd love to hear your opinion about "being an artist" and I hope to discuss a bit more about this matter in the comments below! As I said before - all I know and think I learnt from my personal experience and watching other creative people. And I MAY be totally wrong!

Sending warm hugs and hoping to hear back from you!

(Here is a list of products used for the collage above)

Thursday 24 April 2014

Odyssey Journal: Remember that Spring?

April and May is the time of the year where n Poland - and I guess most of other Catholic countries the First Communion for children is celebrated. I think I have something suitable for this occasion ;)
THAT Spring. Small village, Zuzela, in the east of Poland.

From the right: Bogdan, my uncle - all dressed in his best outfit for this day, Grażyna (later called Grace), my aunt with a big bow in her hair, wearing far too short dress and my dad, Krzysiek wearing the sailor shirt (why???).
In the opposite corner - lovely ephemera: small holy medallion children usually get for the First Comunnion. And lace - a lot of lace - what can be better for this kind of photo? I'm in love with this white flower trim from Prima now.
Odyssey Journal is back and kicking...

Colors are mostly Tea Stain (of course) and watercolour pencils from Talens. I'm in love.
Here is what I used, for your reference - all available in our Mixed Media Place Store!

I hope you are having a great, creative week!
hugs to you all!

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Family Odyssey: Helena

In the last couple of days I finally could do something just to chill out, play and make my hands busy.  I have to admit I love creating like this: starting with a white page, choosing a photo and adding the elements which are somewhere nearby... old tickets, lace, thread, coin, tapes...

This way I keep filling my "Family Odyssey Journal" with new pages - it is not only a way to relax but my contemplation, making connections with my loved ones again - no matter how far from each other we are now. This page is about my grandma, Helena.The photo was taken outside her apartment block in Warsaw about 20 years ago. I loved visiting her and my grandpa - they loved us so much!

Most of the color comes from homemade tea stain, but there is more: some Gelatos, Watercolour Pencils, Archival Ink. You don't need much to express your feelings!

My book is getting bigger and bigger - and this really makes me happy :)
Soon I'll share some more pages, I promise.

Sending warmest hugs!
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