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Patina Effect Paste Set

Inspiring set of three pastes which will help you achieve a patina-like effect on any project! Set contains two opaque, thick pastes with a matte, verdigris-like finish, and one copper metallic paste. Hard and permanent when dry. Perfect for creating texture and adding dimension. Great for steampunk, grunge, and masculine projects. 
How to use:
For best effects apply matte colors of the paste with a sponge, palette knife, texture tool, or paintbrush. Then add finishing touches with metallic paste. Water-based. Archival-safe. Non- toxic.

Sculpture Medium

Versatile art medium which will make such natural, porous materials as fabrics of different kinds, paper and chipboard hard, permanent and resistant, perfect for painting, altering and decorating in many techniques. It allows to create easily beautiful sculptures and 3D effects for home decorating purposes. Easy to use, water-based and non-toxic. 
 How to use: 
- Apply a generous amount of Sculpture Medium on the fabric, paper or chipboard elements with a big brush to make sure it will soak through the material.
- For bigger pieces of fabric simply pour the Sculpture Medium into container and let fabric soak for a moment. If the medium is too thick you can add a bit of water to make it easier to work with.
Squeeze off the Medium and wrap the fabric in the desired shape and leave to dry – drying time depends on the weather conditions, size of the project and amount of the Sculpture Medium used.
- It is possible to speed up slightly the drying process using hairdryer or heating gun, but natural drying will give better results.
- When dry all the elements can be painted, decorated or glued together using Art Basics range of products.

Rust Paste Set

Opaque, thick paste with matte, rust-like finish. Hard and permanent, yet flexible, when dry

Perfect for creating rusty texture and adding dimension, great for steampunk, grunge and masculine project - can be applied on all surfaces.
For best effects apply 3 colors of the paste on one project with a sponge, palette knife, texture tool or paintbrush to create multi-tone effect. Water-based. Archival-safe. Non- toxic.

Texture Pastes – introduction

Transparent, flexible, permanent acrylic gloss medium with grains providing textural, dimensional, porous effect.
Mixes with pigments, inks and paints and it can be painted with acrylic paints. Water-based, archival safe, non-toxic.
Application: best effects when using palette knife or texture tool. Possible drying with heating tool.

What can Texture Paste do?

- Texture Paste mixes with pigments, inks and paints, and allows to create custom texture pastes with visible grain.
- It gets permanent after drying so it can be painted with acrylic paints or sprays.
- It works on most surfaces: including canvas, wood, paper, metal, chipboard, fabric, plastic, etc
- Texture Paste can be applied through the stencil which is not too detailed to create interesting texture effects.

White Sand Texture Paste
Almost white color stays true when dry. Light sand grain.
White Sand Paste works best with stencils that are not detailed. It can be applied with most texture tools.

Graphite Texture Paste
Light grain graphite paste. Dries dark grey/black with sparkle.
Graphite paste works best with stencils that are not detailed. Graphite paste can be applied with most texture tools.

Black Sand Texture Paste
Back Sand Paste dries with a light black, transparent, heavily defined grain. For application use a palette knife or big texture tool.

Tips for using Texture Paste:

- Texture Paste is a prefect choice when you want to create grained texture on your project You can get great artistic effects using texture tools or stencils.

- It is possible to mix White Sand Paste and Black Sand Paste with acrylic paint, ink or pigment and create a custom effect.

- It needs a bit of time to dry perfectly: the thicker the layer is, the longer it takes. You can dry the top surface with heating tool and continue working on your project when needed.- As Texture Paste is permanent after drying we suggest cleaning the tools and stencils with water and soap (or wet wipes) just after using.

Crackle Paste – Introduction:

Dense, permanent, paste which provides antique-looking, crackling effect.
Size of crackle will vary depending on the thickness of the layer.
Works on on most surfaces: including canvas, wood, paper, metal, chipboard, fabric, plastic, etc. Can be painted with water-based paints.
Water-based, archival safe, non-toxic. Apply with palette knives or texture tools.

Tips for working with Crackle Paste:

- The heavier the coat, the larger the cracks. Very heavy coats are not recommended for paper projects as the paper may crumple.

- For best results allow the crackle paste to dry naturally. This takes anywhere from 1-5 hours depending on weather and climate conditions. You can speed up drying with a heat tool, but the effect will not be as defined compared to drying naturally.

- On larger surfaces, with heavy texture, it is recommended to apply a coat of Art Basics Soft Gel after it is completely dry to avoid the big crackle flakes from falling off.


Linda M. Cain said...

These are all soooooooooo cool!


Edwina said...

These texture pastes are so terrific looking! I can just imagine how it would look on a card or tag. Edwina Brown

LeonieM said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Great new texture pastes in fabulous colours. Love them!

CraftyFriends said...

love all this paste would love to work with this x

DeeDee Catron said...

Be adding these into my classes ASAP ^_^

Toni said...

Finn... I am loving all of these ... I think working with the Texture Paste White Sand & Graphite would be soooooo fun !!! Keep up the amazing work.

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love those crackles - great colours!

LoraineC said...

How good are these, how to choose !!

jacqueline said...

I need need crackle in my journal - deep, craggy crackle - definitely love texture hmmm kiss kiss crackle paste ;-)

Peggy Lee said...

Can you say LOVE, need them all!!!!

ScrappyCamperSisters said...

Wow the copper crackle paste is so cool!

TracyM #6773 said...

OH MY - these sound SO EXCITING!!!
I want to learn and create!!!

darlene said...

Wonderful products! I especially love Texture Paste - Copper Crackle. Thank you for the opportunity!

Kay Wallace said...

The ability to customize the texture paste will certainly save on shelf space. this one product can do it all!

mary Beth said...

Wonderful giveaway! I wiuld like to see more demos of the crackle paste with other mediums. I am interested in learning if/how acrylic inks mixed with the paste work.

Unknown said...

Hi Finn, I'd love to try Art ExtraVagance. I have never attempted a layout and these would be ideal! Thanks for the chance. Marianne. X

Geles said...

Woooooo, i need all of them

barbara b. said...

I can't wait for these to hit my LSS. So many possibilities and it was great being able to see them in action in Atlanta in July. The ideas are already swirling for projects. Thanks for the "Cliff Notes" ! I'm printing them out and binding them into my custom made cheat sheet!

Unknown said...

i tryed the texture paste white crackle on a canvas but after it dried it all fall off the canvas :( how can i prevent that to happen?

Unknown said...

I so enjoy your rusty, patina'd die cuts and your fabulous tutorial! Thank you for sharing! Hugs!
You can find there lot's of free stuff like free Rust skins and many more!

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