Saturday 15 March 2014

Because I Can !

Hi there, friends!
Have you ever come across people asking you about your creative outlet (whatever it is): WHY you're doing it?
My answer couldn't be more simple: Because I can! :)
And today I'd like to show you a layout expressing exactly this idea.

Pure joy of having my hands dirty with paints and a desk drowning in paper. ;)
And this is why I'd like to invite you to join in as this piece is a sneak peak of my brand new class called Colorogy.

This class will premiere in Oslo, Norway in April and then I'll be teaching it in the Netherlands in May.
You can find all the necessary info right here. And I must say that I have lots of exciting new classes coming soon! Including my Life Book 2014 debut in two days! :)

The main idea in this piece is to play with colors, stamps and some nice rich layering with scraps of paper. Here I had a blast with new Wendy Vecchi Archival Inks in nice warm colors, LuminArte pigments that I turned into sprays, a bit of Sizzix magic, my beloved black pencil, Indian ink and some metal embellishments with a subtle cover of paint.

Here are some of the products that I used to create this layout:

Wishing you a creative weekend!

Monday 10 March 2014

Sadness - collage

“Nothing thicker than a knife's blade separates happiness from melancholy.”
(Virginia Woolf, Orlando)

"Sadness" - mixed-media collage on canvas (20x50cm/8x20'')

Here are some of the products which were used to create the project above:

This project was also made using new Color Bloom Sprays from Prima Marketing - did you see them? I used combination of Precious Stone, Iris, Cobalt, Summer Sky and  Soft Teal. Unfortunatley they will be shipping in April, so we still need to wait a bit for them!

But there is good news:
If you will visit Prima Blog you will find some of my tips and tricks for working with Color Bloom Sprays as well as a chance to win in Prima Color Bloom March Madness. Random winners are picked everyday! Try your luck!

And one more thing - do you now?
On our Mixed Media Place Blog there is a challenge  - inspired by emotions: How would you express sadness? For a reason I can't take part in it, but you can!
It is open to all styles and kinds of projects, so - imagination is the limit! You will find wonderful inspirations from our DT and all the details here:

I'd love to hear what you think about this project - and I hope you will find a moment o join the fun on both blogs:) Good luck!
Sending warmest hugs

Sunday 9 March 2014

Behind the scenes: Life Book 2014 and me

Few months ago I was posting my BIG NEWS - I was invited by Tam from Willowing Arts to join as a teacher her on-going online class - Life Book 2014.
I seriously couldn't believe my eyes when I saw 22 names listed on Life Book website - wow, so many great artists in one place! Lucky me!
Of course in the beginning I was overexcited, hyperventilating and a bit panicked in one - I guess this is my usual reaction to new big and scary challenge I want to try. And then I said to myself - Oh, what the hell... - I closed my eyes and jumped into the big rabbit hole.
And that's how it all started! I've created my first Full Online Mixed-Media Collage Class - and although I had to fight with some technical difficulties (as always - I wanted to try something new...) I'm very happy about the final results: videos, pdf files and the project... you can see a small peek below :)

I cant reveal everything about it (sorry!)- you need to join us and experience it yourself - but I'll share photos from my studio from the time my Collage Class was created - ready?

This may give you a hint what kind of supplies we will be using in this class...

... and a bit about the techniques!

It is all supported by pdf files and videos :)

And now - good news! If you want o join Life Book 2014 - you still can! 
Registration is open till September, but the weekly classes by tam and all the talented teachers already started - so why not starting now? My class will be launched in the next couple of days - so if you want to try it, it is perfect time:)
How does it work?
Easier than you think - you will find all the information here, on the Life Book website,
but in short words: for 70 GBP/about 85 EUR/109 $ you get:
- 10 In depth Mixed Media Art Lessons by Tam 
- 22 In depth Mixed Media Art Lessons by Guest Teachers (me included!)
- 20 (Smaller) Bonus Activities like: extra PDF prompts, step by steps/ artist interviews/ ATC swaps/ give aways/ audio meditations/ writing prompts etc by Tam and Guest Teachers
- access to forums and company of lovely people who are passionate about creating :)

 To register simply follow the link below (Just one little note: this is an affiliate ink and this is how the teachers get paid. When you register through this link I get a small percentage. Thank you!)

I'm sure it will be an incredible journey and I hope I will see you there!

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