Monday, 17 February 2020

Make your mark by Aleksandra Mihelic

Hello dear Finnabair fans and friends. I hope this post finds you well. I’m here on the Finnabair blog today with you again and I prepared for you an inspiration and a tutorial in a shape of an altered Horseshoe. I love horses! When I was a child, I always wanted to take riding lessons, but didn’t get the opportunity. Some of my class mates had horses at home. I remember one of them once hitting me so so hard, because I was standing to close to his back and he was feeling uncomfortable. I had my leg blue, black and red for quite some time. But that didn’t take away my love for these beautiful animals. When I was already grown up, I just came out of a hard relationship, with my heart completely broken and shattered into pieces. And this was the moment I decided I will make my childhood dreams happen and learn how to ride a horse. And I did it. I still remember those days and those moment spent with my horse with such fondness and so much joy in my heart. 

This beautiful chipboard Horseshoe imitation was laying at my desk for some time, waiting for the inspiration that would be worth of it. Lately I have tendency to make my projects in a natural brown colors, but kind of light colored. And this is the way I “shaped” my today’s Horseshoe also. I guess also the use of the colors with me kind of changes with my life, with my mood and with the things that are happenning in my life, making it sometimes more and sometimes a bit less happy... like in lives of us all.

I first glued all the embellishment on my Horseshoe shape. I was using some on the gorgeous “Dusty Attic” chipboard pieces and lots of Finnabair Mechanicals. In the next step I added some Finnabair Graphite texture paste on some parts of my project, to add some texture and interest to my project. After the texture paste was dry, I covered everything with a coat of Heavy White gesso, using dry brush. When the gesso was dry, I added some oily and rusty coloring with Finnabair Liquid Acrylic paint “Burnt Sienna”. On top I added some shading with new Finnabair Matte waxes – Brown Rust, Red Rust and at the end Old White instead of dry brushing my project with gesso. 
I also prepared a video tutorial that you can find on Finnabair studio youtube channel.

I hope you liked my today’s inspiration and I hope that it maybe brings out some of your happy childhood memories too.
Enjoy your days!
Hugs, Aleksandra

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Sunday, 16 February 2020

February Art Recipe

Hello friends,

We are here today with our new Art Recipe and we are happy to encourage you to use warm colour palette during this cold and foggy time.

Just to make sure, you are all well informed, we would like to let you know, that challenges will be going live usually each second Sunday of the month. So please do not be surprised, that Inlinkz is closed the day before. Please keep that in mind planning your entering the challenge :) because we love your projects so much and we do not want to lose any of them!

The rules are very simple. Each challenge consists of colour palette and products. You need to stick to the colour palette and use at least 2 of the products listed in a challenge.

Products to choose from:
 Art Extravagance: Rust Effect Paste
 Art Alchemy: Wax
 Finnabair’s Stencils
 Metall embellishments

The colours: brown, red, yellow

If the products on your project are not easy to recognize, please add in description information, where exactly we can see them.

Challenge is open till March, 14th. The winner will be invited to be Guest Designer on our blog.

Inspiration from our Design Team

Hello creative friends! A new Art Recipe inspired me to create a  mini canvas.

I covered it all with Heavy Gesso Black. And then applied Rust Pastes. I used Brown, Red, and Yellow pastes.

To highlight the elements, I tinted everything slightly with Heavy Gesso White. It showed the texture. And in the end, I added a bit of wax.

Hello creative friends! The gorgeous new Art Recipe inspired me to alter a flat Bird House and to give it live – as a Home Décor Clock.

For the Background I’ve used the amazing new Mind Games Stencil, together with Graphite Texture Paste.  When it dried, I covered it with Black Gesso.

Next, I added Art Alchemy Metalique Paint – Royal Red and Antique Brilliance – Fire Ruby. I also rubbed new Matte Wax – Rusty Red on the texture squares.

After adding all embellishments and covering them with Black Gesso I painted them with Brown and Red Rusty pastes, added Art Alchemy Royal Red paint on some and used Art Alchemy Metalique Paint – Pure Sunshine.

Finally, I added a bit of new Matte Wax Patina Green here and there.
Looking forward to seeing your creations! Xoxoxo

Hi dear friends! February Art recipe inspired me to create a canvas with a creative inscription from the set of Art Daily. This turned out to be a bit unusual and with a lot of meaning. I hope each of you will find something here.  

I used a collage effect for the background with a tissue paper. There are many beautiful metal embellishments, as well as a Rust Effect Paste and of course gorgeous waxes that put the finishing touches. Stay with us and get inspired!

Hello, friends! The materials of our February Art Recipe are not the materials that I often use together. Therefore, I was very passionate about creating this work.

This “story” is about the time when the trees seemed very large, when the yard seemed to be the whole world, and when I could build a whole house under the dining table.

For creating texture on background I used Modeling paste through stencil, acrylic paint Lemon seed, rust effect pastes Yellow, Brown, Red, Fire Orange, liquid acrylic Burnt Sienna and wax Fire Ruby. As a decorative elements I used cardboard, various metal embellishments and pic of girl I took from Photobooth set.
Hugs, NastyaLena

* * * * * * * *

1. Create a project with our colour scheme and 2 products from 4 listed at the beginning of this blog post
2. If any products are not well visible on the project, please leave an information where to find them on your project in description on your blog
3. Enter using Inlinkz below.

Challenge will be closed on March 14th. Lucky winner will be announced by the end of March.
We hope you feel inspired and we can't wait to see your projects :)

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