Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Awakening by Emilia Tapiola

Hello dear Finnabair friends, 

January is obviously the month of new beginnings, hope, and grace. It’s also my birth month, so it’s a special month of new beginnings to me anyway. I started a new Hope Journal at the beginning of the year, and somehow it chose to be very light coloured, very subtle and otherworldly white, grey, and light blue, with a hint of gold. Also, it wanted to be abstract and very airy, in a way that leaves room for imagination and interpretation. 

I made a new set of pages to it and here’s how I did it.

I ripped some scrapbook paper into a suitable size and stitched a bit darker paper as frames to it.

I chose only a few elements for the pages, from (ordinary) tissue paper to leftovers from die-cut pieces. I also decided the focal point to be a dragonfly (stamped on to ordinary transparency film, using white ink). Mostly it was to be playing with textures, though.

First, I secured the middle part of the pages with tissue paper and Soft Matte Gel, then added some vintage paper and more tissue paper, on the pages, and primed everything with white Heavy Gesso. I also used Laurels Stencil with Modeling Paste, some White Sand Texture Paste, and Mini Art Stones, to create interesting textures.

Next, I painted the pages with Impastos Snow White, Dark Chocolate, Pitch Black, and Manor Blue. (The colour theme of the journal.) I made a very, very watery mixture, and used also a spray bottle to make sure the paint spreads everywhere and wiped most off with baby wipes, to get a lightly coloured page. This watery way of painting made all the different textures stand out beautifully.

After painting, I added some finishing touches: White Gold Icing Paste, sprinkled white acrylic paint, some linen cord, and a few die-cut flowery bits and pieces. I also stamped word awakening into the page, and the art journal pages were ready. 

Here’s my video tutorial: 

I wish you the gentlest month, filled with hope and grace.

Emilia xx

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Monday, 17 January 2022

The pencil box by Martina Stoycheva

 Hello friends!

Holidays are over and it`s time for a fresh start and new beginnings. 

In the past, I have been easily intimidated by red color and it`s richness. And since I often like to challenge myself, I did it once again starting a new, different year with a bold red project. I still try to surprise even myself and use other colours than my favourite ones. It is a comfort zone many crafters do not break, but there`s so much out there for us to explore and learn. 

I keep some of my stamps in a tin pencil box and I wanted to change the look of it by altering it.

It became my “canvas” and I really like the final result. Plus I`ll have this box and every time I use it I`ll be looking into something beautiful.

Oh, and just look at those huge cracks on the edges. Don`t you just love them…

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