Friday 31 March 2023

March Ambassadors' Spotlight


Hello friends, 

This month's Ambassadors' Spotlight theme is: Light the way. Anything with light in it: real light or not.

Today I have for you a project in one of my favourite techniques. Black gesso and waxes are always a perfect duo. To make the background, I used chipboard pieces, layered them to give depth, and painted with gesso. Thanks to waxes, every detail is perfectly visible. I didn't use many additives, I wanted the background to play the main role here and be a perfect complement to the rest.

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Hi, it’s Nuneka here! 

When I saw the topic for this month, I immediately thought of how ideas are born, and how the electric impulse in our brain lights the synapsis when our neurons communicate.

How cool it would be to take a look inside our brains when inspiration comes and those gears start moving, producing the little magic that creates the light when we make art.

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Thursday 30 March 2023

Finnabair 101: Metallic Flakes and Gilding Glue

 Hello friends,

We hope you have used to our new series of videos, which is available on our YouTube channel and also as reels on IG and TikTok. Each month we focus on different products - March is a month of Metallic Flakes and Gilding Glue. Our designers show you, how to use the products and share with you their tips and techniques. You can watch them also on our YouTube - subscribe to our channel to not miss any of them.

A Magical Goblet by KasyopeaArt


Did you know that Metallic Flakes are great for working on glass?

My new project is a glass goblet which I decorated with metallic Flakes. But they are not visible on the surface, they only create a magical glow inside the goblet.

I prepared the glass, cleaned and degreased with alcohol. With the help of Heavy Black Gesso I reflected the stencil of the Iris Tapestry template And after drying, I painted the entire top with gilding glue. 

When the glue wysech I became strongly sticky I sprinkled the glitter gently and then glued the Fine Metallic Flakes in Paris. Then I painted the whole top of the goblet with Black Heavy Gesso. I used a sponge to add a more interesting texture.

When the goblet was ready, I prepared a cast of resin from the Mecha Moth. I warmed it up with a heater to give shape to the moth so that it adheres to the surface.

I mixed the Modeling Paste with Gesso to reflect the stencil pattern.

I glued the moth and I could start playing.

I used Art Alchemy Sparks paints, which sparkle amazingly. I also added Art Extravagance Jewel Texture Paste in  Enchanting Amethyst I Sparkling Onyx colours. I created a beautiful texture on the edge of the goblet.

Finally, I gently sprinkled with glitter and applied waxes that created a metal effect on top. 

Do you like my idea of a Magical Goblet ? 



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Tag Blue Radiance by Margarita Shkludova

Hello friends! Margarita Shkludova is here.
I love adding Metallic Flakes to my projects. They give a wonderful shine and radiance. You can simply stick the flakes on the mould figures, or you can come up with something more interesting. Here I'll show you how I decorated the background with Metallic Flakes and a stencil.

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

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