Monday 31 May 2021

April Art Recipe winner

Hello friends,

Thank you for playing with us and creating projects inspired by our April Art Recipe.

We are happy to announce that the winner of April 2021 Art Recipe is eMKa with this project:

The idea of using butterfly shaped base and embellish it with garlands of flowers is fantastic!

To the winner: you are invited to be our Guest Designer and you win Finnabair products pack so please write an e-mail to us at to establish all details :) 

To all participants: thank you so much for playing with us! And if you feel similar to us regarding the winning project, please leave some love under this blog post in comment section. 

Also please remember, that new challenge is still open and the rules are simple: you need to stick to the colour palette and use at least 2 of the products listed in a challenge. 

Have a great day! 

Finnabair team

Wednesday 26 May 2021

May Ambassadors' Spotlight


Hello friends,

May is always beautiful month full of blooming flowers and warm days. But the theme of our May Ambassadors' Spotlight is focused on totally different area - we like diversity :) Karolina Bukowska as this month host wants us to show patina effect - three different ways. So here they are: Karolina Bukowska, Vasilis Kontos, Iwona Marchewka, Linda McCain and Riikka Kovasin with their projects.

One of the easiest ways to decorate mixed media works is the patina effect. Turquoise and green always delight me and make every work look special!

She would like to invite you to play and show you the possibilities of the Finnabair media. There are many ways that lead to a beautiful patina effect

and that's why I have one for you

 3 very simple but very effective ways to obtain a patina

The first is Impasto! Thick, saturated and very opaque paints! Just apply the Jade and Azur colors and the work creates itself! Texture Powder or Sand Texture Paste can be added for texture. Finally, a bit of metallic wax and it's ready!

Dear my way, it's amazing Patina Effect Paste ❤ 3 pastes we put on and OMG, how simple is it?

My third suggestion is waxes. Oh their smell always inspires me! Matte Was Patina Green and Patina Blue perfectly reflect the patina effect. Finally, you can add a little metallic wax and again…. Ready.

For me, these are the simplest ways, I'm curious what do you have? I'd love to know, leave us some of your tips.

And now I invite you to see my triptych.

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

The patina effect is something I love the most in the world.  First of all, I love patina pastes, I love having them on my nails, I love to feel sand on my hands and I love to rub the compositions with these pastes.  

Second, the colors!  There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than the interpenetrating shades of blue and green, and metallic brass is the perfect finish to a patina design.  Such projects relax me, I rest with them and I forget about the whole world and I could do it literally all day long.

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

This time the theme got me thinking – “patina effect – three different ways”. First, I thought to ask if the different ways would be divided among Ambassadors. Or did it mean different projects? But then I decided it would be fun to follow my intuition and see, what others make, too! So, I interpret the theme by doing a triplet of mini works and treated them all with different mediums to create a similar patina!


I started each project by painting the coaster I used as a base with Heavy Gesso Black. I then made the composition on top using different bibs and bobs, Mechanicals and moulded elements. I chose the Queens of Steam as my focal points. After drying I then painted all thee with black gesso and then started treating them a bit differently. 

For the first one I used the patina and Texture Fantasy effect pastes. I mixed different sets and chose colors that went with the copper patina I had in my mind. I picked the Blue Green from the “Anemone and Coral” set and Cream from the “Old Wall” set. Blue is from the first patina set, now sold as separate jars. 

For the second project I used Impasto paints to add the patina to the metallic surface. The metallic parts are painted using Metallique and Sparks paints. I then dulled the colors partly with dry brushing with Impasto. The black splashes in all of the three pieces are made using Sparks “Raven Black”. 

The third project I colored using waxes. I first added the metallics, let the project dry for a while and then layered the matte waxes on top for the patina effect. I used more of the “Patina Blue” and just hints of “Old White” to bring some change to the turquoise color. 

All of these have same color scheme and going for that copper or brass patina, but yet they are totally different. Here I used each product category kind of on their own whereas normally I’d mix everything together. The patina pastes bring that extra texture sometimes needed for the project. Impasto paints are easy to use and matte finish fits to patina so well. And I just love using the waxes for the metallic finishes! 

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

Hello dear friends

I create a panel with two more small canvases in which I made the patina effects with three different techniques.

First the panel    I made the background using stencil and then I paint with brass metallic color and then I paint with two impasto colors Azure and Jade blending them with water.

After I made stencil in the two small canvases and also used the new mould from Finnabair the wings and bones and I create two small compositions on the top of the canvases.

On the first canvas I made the patina effect with the Patina effect from art extravagance collection of Finnabair means used the three jars brass, blue and mint green and blending with water the three colors to the end gives me the effect .

On the second canvas I create the patina effect with aged brass metallic wax and the combination from mattes waxes patina blue and patina green.

I hope you enjoy the result and inspired from the amazing products


Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

Have a good evening!

Finnabair Team

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