Monday 8 July 2013

Queen of Hearts - (industrial?) mixed-media collage

I did it again:)
Days and hours of work (but how joyful moments they were!), tons of rubbish, paint, embellishments and pure creative pleasure - and here she is - "Queen of Hearts" another big collage that was waiting in a row to come to life. I like the moment when I put the paintbrush back in the bucket and I can say - I'm done... but I love the process of creating even more!

"Queen of Hearts" - 50 x 70 cm (20 x 27,5'') mixed-media collage on canvas

Queen of Hearts - mixed-media collage on canvas

This time the colors meant to be more feminine, soft, but not without  a bit of "industrial coldness", with a lot of shining gold on the top. The photo was chosen long, long ago, when I had the first idea of creating this piece -  I really kept this "baby" in my head for months!

I wanted to get the balance of colors and texture, rich look without  feeling of being too heavy - and I hope I succeeded! Details are very dimensional and taking good photos of them was almost impossible :( I can only promise you it looks better in real life...

Again I think I'm close to  industrial art, cyberpunk art or artistic upcycling but I'm sure you will find a lot of elements that would classify this piece as steampunk collage- with a bit of spiritual feeling. Are the names really important? The finished piece should speak by itself - and I hope this one can touch some strings in your souls... I'd love to hear what you think about my "Queen". Can you please share what comes to your mind? Thanks in advance!

This pile of painted rubbish could only change into collage with a big help of my amazing friends, fans and companies from all over the world :) I'm a collector - I know, but hey - I can't gather THAT much without support, right?

Huge thanks to: my Dad, Linda Brun, Drycha, Rae Cooper (and Scrap Mratix), Wendy Vecchi, Agnieszka Barska (Aniees) and my sweet students from Warsaw, France and USA. Thanks to your gifts, shared collections and open hearts I can create without hesitation as use as much as I need! You are just the best, guys!
Special thanks to Prima Marketing - for the best flowers ever made and releasing my metal embellishments included in this piece - Mechanicals. Prima stencils and Ingvild's Shabby Chic Treasures (birds) are also a very important part of this project!  Huge thanks to Luminarte - for possibility to play with the most amazing color palette ever (Primary Elements and Silks ROCK my world!!!)!
Other supplies: Ranger: Dylussion Sprays, Glossy Accents. Tim Holtz: metal embellishments (crown, keyhole), gel medium, heavy gel medium, black acrylic paint, gesso, fixative.

And... now is your turn, please leave me a comment and share - what comes to your mind, please!
Thanks... and see you soon in USA and Canada!
BTW: Those of you who are attending CHA show in Las Vegas may meet me and the "Queen" somewhere around Prima booth - see you there!

Thursday 4 July 2013

How about a journal today?

Here it is.
My Prima Mixed-media Journal, with a lot, a lot of goodness on the cover... that'ss how we play during "Grungy Spell Book" classes :)

Finn's Mixed-media journal - *Prima*

Finn's Mixed-media journal - *Prima*

I hope to see you soon - during the classes in USA and Canada or maybe in Vegas, during CHA show? Look for me around Prima booth!
And now I'm off to pack the samples... busy time :)

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Once Upon a Time - mixed-media collage

Honestly, THIS is what I love to create the most.
For me it is the best creative retreat and challenge in one. Perfect moment of creativity.

"Once Upon a Time" (20x20 cm - 8x8'')

Once Upon a Time - collage

And some close-ups:

As always - it is a mixture of everything: Prima paper flowers and embellishments (including my Mechanicals and Ingvild's Junkyard Findings), trinkets, fake jewelry, electronic and electrical elements, can openers, pebbles, trinkets, computer parts, found objects such as light bulbs, gears and other clock elements.
Colours: Luminarte Primary Elements Pigments and Silks Acrylic Glaze.
Most of the products are possible to buy in Mixed-Media Place - my favorite media online store!

Thank you again for stopping by - I hope you enjoyed the project:) Now off to preparing for USA and Canada Tour and making CHA samples...
Have a great creative day!

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