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Winter 2021 New Products - inspiration part 5

 Hello friends,

We know new Finnabair products are available in stores already, so we keep inspiring you, keeping our fingers crossed, your orders reach you as soon as possible, so you could also play with new goodies.

Skull Box

This Kind of design I have made on the Skull Box is something I wanted to make for a long time but didn't have the right elements. I needed Skull moulds and I'm so happy Finnabair have designed them for us. They are nothing less than Brilliant! They have all different sizes and models fitting a great range of projects. You sure be seeing lots of them in my projects now!

New Products:
Metallic Flakes: Gold
Imaginarium Moulds: Skull&Bones, Queens of Steam

List of supplies with active links to Mixed Media Place store:

A light to you journal page

Hello darlings,

I want to share with you a journal page I made for my Quiet Moments journal. It’s a journal for which I use inspiring elements and let my heart guide my creative process. I want to capture quiet little moments in life that makes it so precious, and I want every page to reflect that, using fragile dried flowers from our own garden, lace that I have botanically dyed, but I also want it to show how there is balance between everything; joy and sorrow, laughter and tears, hope and fear, light and darkness, all parts of life.

The journal is a Finnabair Art Daily Square Journal, 5.5 inches, 14cm in size, so it is rather small – which makes it perfect for a project like this. 

I had no clear vision what I was going to do, I just collected some elements I found inspiring, and waited for my intuition to tell me what to do next. 

I started with layering some vintage papers and used tea bags on the page, attaching them with Soft Matte Gel, then primed the page lightly with Heavy Gesso, wiping most off with a baby wipe so that gesso did not cover everything, just gave the page a blended look.

I wanted the first page to include common yarrow, my favourite nature flower along with lily of the valley. I love the delicately simple look that contains so much power; common yarrow is one of the oldest medicinal plants on Planet Earth. Every flower has kind of symbolism and as I love all things vintage, this thought made me check what was the symbolism of common yarrow. It is healing and protection, joy and light, so I picked a favourite quote of mine I thought rather fitting for this purpose, by J.R.R. Tolkien.

I attached both to the page using Soft Matte Gel, and after letting everything dry properly, I added some paint. I mixed a light paint mix using Impastos Snow White and Linen with a hint of Pitch Black and Dark Chocolate and added only a very light coat of paint onto the page, again blending and wiping most off with a baby wipe.

Next, I added some shadowing in form of Liquid Acrylics Burnt Sienna and Ink Black, adding some Umber and Ochre to make slightly deeper shadows at some parts of the page.

I wanted to test how the new Winter Release Gold Metallic Flakes fit into this kind of journaling page, so using Gilding Glue, I attached just a hint of gold flakes here and there. In such a soft, neutral coloured journal page the gold stood out a bit, so I gently added some new Sage Leaves Matte Wax on top of the gilding, to make it look more aged and worn. 

I already had used dried flowers and a quote, so I wanted to add my third signature element that makes my journaling look like me: lace. I took some lace and silk ribbon I had dyed using the flowers from our own garden, just some leftover pieces perfect for this kind of projects, and sewed a vintage button to held them together, and glued them onto the page. 

As a finishing touch, I sprinkled some white acrylic paint to the page, to give the composition some more softness to reflect the message of the quote.

Wishing you light and joy,


New Products:
Metallic Flakes: Gold
Gilding Glue
Matte Wax: Sage Leaves

List of supplies with active links to Mixed Media Place store:

Mysterious Spirit

I only caught a glimpse of hair floating in the air and an unbelievable glow before the spirit fled back to the stars. Perhaps it was the queen of winter who came down to our lands just for a moment? 

With the castings from the new moulds you can build amazing stories. The different sizes of the designs make it a pleasure to build compositions. And these beautiful faces are perfect for the focal point of the project.

White gesso is a huge ally of the new matte waxes. They look gorgeous on it. I used silver wax (Old Silver) to highlight the details and liquid acrylic (Ink Black) to add the shadows.

New Products:
Imaginarium Moulds: Grungy Frames, Vintage Portraits, Wings&Bones, Nocturnal Elements, Machine Parts
Matte Wax: Sage Leaves, Faded Denim

List of supplies with active links to Mixed Media Place store:

Jewel Paste House

A piece of wood, with lot of Jewel paste in Golden Dust, Diamond Ring and Blue Opals makes together a noctural feeling. I have created from the Noctural Element some beautiful moons and stars. On the top of some of them, I have Metallic flakes in gold and silver on them. So fun to play with these products.
So let gets creative!


New Products:
Jewel Effect Paste: Golden Dust, Diamond Rings, Blue Opals
Imaginarium Moulds: Rusty Pipelines, Nocturnal Elements, Machine Parts
Metallic Flakes: Gold, Silver
Gilding Glue

List of supplies with active links to Mixed Media Place store:

Stay tuned because more inspiration will be published during upcoming days :)

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