Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Moonlight Kisses by Emilia Tapiola

 I love dark, deep purples and blues, they always make me think of starlit midnight sky shimmering far, far away. So, I wanted to use that association and create something pretty. I decided a cute shadow box would be lovely, and rummaged through my cupboard, where I keep all the not-so-useful-trash that might come handy someday. I found a tiny cardboard box perfect for the purpose.

First, I gessoed the box all over, using Black Heavy Gesso. As I wanted a really dark midnight sky colours, I made a mix of several paints: Purple Liquid Acrylic, Aubergine and Pitch Black Impastos, and finally Plum Preserves Metallic Acrylic to give it a gentle shine. With just a hint of Mystic Turquoise Wax I highlighted the box from outside. 

I created the shadow box composition using prints I had designed for Paper Garden. First, I attached a background sheet on the bottom, using Soft Matte Gel, and then I gave the print images a quick wash with Soft Matte Gel, to make them more secure to handle. I added old cardboard pieces on the backside of the images to give them a bit more dimension. I glued the pieces together with Heady Body Gel, and after that, I added an embossed stamp quote on top.

As a final touch, I gently added some Soft Matte Gel here and there and sprinkled two different shades of Ebony Glitter on top. And, the quick, sweet project was ready!

Wishing you a glimmering, starlit skies,


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