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September Ambassadors' Spotlight


Hello friends,

The host of September Ambassadors' Spotlight is Vasilis Kontos and the theme is "shabby summer memories with impasto and liquids". As each month our talented Ambassadors prepared beautiful projects. Below you can see creations by Vasilis, Riikka, Kassa and Aga.

We said goodbye this summer too, keeping beautiful memories from our holidays.My inspiration for this project comes from the colors of the greek islands, the rust from the sea ,a window looking at the sea and the beautiful Geek sunsets.All my project begins with a sea wood ,that I kept from the holidays, woods you can find to the beaches.I used impasto for the background blending with water and white gesso so having with dry brush the shabby effect, also used the Prussian blue for the window and white crackle for more shabby and vintage look.For the rust effect to my metallic embellishments I used red rust paste and crushed amber from jewel effect paste.Finally I used for shades burnt umber liquid acrylic and the new wax stoned wood.

Dear friends I hope you like it, and waiting all of you next summer to Greece…<3

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Beach Memories

My little box may seem a bit more tropical than our summer really was. Although this summer was super-hot (as long as Finnish summers go), we still didn’t have exotic seashells on the beach. But we did spend more time than usually on a beach, trying to cool off. As during summertime we have the nightless night here in Finland, we usually went to the beach quite late, when majority of people were actually heading home and walked home late, perfectly cooled for the bed. 

The idea behind this little box was to decorate it to hold summer memories. A little container for those treasures you pick up from travels or even notes or tickets. I used Liquid Acrylic to stain the wood of the box blue. I also used Liquid Acrylics to add some warmth to the composition. I used Impastos on the other hand to add then dimensional pattern to the lid using a stencil and then dry-brushed some pink to the shells. As Impastos are so thick, it’s really easy to use them for dry-brushing! 

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Hi loVelies x 

Yes, such messy fun layering all the lush thick impasto paints over each other.  I’ve gone all abstract for this ‘shabby summertime memories’ theme.  My inspiration was the riot of colourful flowers in my garden that I’ve delighted in this summer.  To create a bright shabby feel, I layered bright impasto’s alongside the soft, pastel impasto’s; dry brushing white gesso between layers creates an even shifter more lovely shabby feel. 

Hugs & loVe Kassa xoxoxo 

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Simple canvas refering to  pastel colors, childhood, dreams, plans and passion which is born in all of us... The question is if we spread our wings to get higher or only sit on the ground forgetting about our dreams about flying high. 

In this project I have used two acrylic fluids and impasto together with a stencil on a surface which had already been delicately primed. The fluids can give various effects depending how you use them with water. I personally love watercolor effect which I would love to show you today

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Have a good evening!

Finnabair Team

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