Monday, 20 September 2021

Lavender Field Art Journal Mood Board by Emilia Tapiola

Hello friends, 

Today I have tiny bit different project to show to you: an intuitive mood board, or whatever you’d call a page you let your mind wander and create a simple page with colours you feel right just there and then…

You probably already do these kind of mood boards. They are not only satisfyingly quick and light, but also therapeutic projects to create when you don’t have time or energy to create anything big, complex, or challenging but want to do something anyway.

This is just my way of doing those mood boards, as there is as many ways as they are makers. Isn’t it great; because they are yours and yours only, you just can’t go wrong with them!

I have an art journal, my Book of Whispers for mood boards and I use a whole journal spread for one mood board: one page for colour swatches, another for the actual collage. I let the colours talk and create only very light, unembellished collages, naked even, because I like them as they are, evocative, intuitive mood boards. I don’t want the collages to be very heavy, just textured backgrounds to give the paints more flexibility to do their magic.  The swatches are also very useful as I can check my notes and my mood boards and consult them later and see which colours go well together or have a particular effect I liked. I also go back to my intuitive mood boards often and think which kind of effect they have in me: what kind of emotions the colours on me today, and what the finished page brings into my mind. It’s surprising, how different feelings and thoughts a simple page can generate! Art is amazing thing.

For this Lavender Field mood board, I first primed the pages with white Heavy Gesso, and then created a light collage using ordinary facial tissue paper, vintage book page scraps, tea bag material and some fabric to create textured background. I clued everything to the page using Soft Matte Gel.

Next, I added another layer using Iris Tapestry stencil and Modeling Paste, but left the pattern light, kind of unfinished. I picked calming, soft tones of lavender and played with Impastos Lavender, Aubergine, Snow White, and added a hint of Pitch Black and Dark Chocolate to give it more depth. Then I added a bit of Crimson and Prussian Blue Liquid Acrylics. There wasn’t any particular technique I used, just confident, large brush strokes with splashing, and some baby wipes…

For the final touches I splashed a bit of golden sunshine in form of Metallique Ancient Coin and Gold Metallic Flakes, and that was it. 

It was fun, to play with the colours, and think about what kind of feelings and effects they arise in me!

Here’s a video of the process: 

I wish you happy coloured moments,


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