Friday, 3 April 2020

Vintage Family Portrait by Kasia Bogatko

Today I have a project for you in which the most eye-catching is the background. It is quite colorful and decorative, so I didn’t want to overwhelm it with the rest of the composition. I chose monochrome papers and accessories to make it work well together.

In my video you can watch how to make such a background step by step. I used modeling paste and Liquid Acrylic paints. I love working with these paints, they are very efficient, have beautiful, strong colors. They behave a bit like watercolors, but they are permanent after drying. Thanks to this, working with them is easy and pleasant.

This is a simple project so that you could see how I build layers in my compositions. This can later be used in more complex projects. For me, this spatial effect is very important, thanks to which the artwork gains depth, it is not flat. Here, I additionally highlighted this effect with pencil shading.

I invite you to watch my tutorial, there you can watch everything carefully.

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