Monday, 10 January 2022

Decoupage Photo Frame by Iveta Ziedina

 Hello all,

Today I would like to share this simple, yet very pretty project with you. It’s the new year, we’re all getting back into the routine after the holidays, so I think simple projects is exactly what we need. Almost like a gentle stretch before a workout!

This vintage frame is a tribute to my somewhat “gothic” past self, and to be honest, still, my inner self is always down for some alt home decor!

The main dish of this project is the beautiful portrait from “Science Lover” tissue paper and the little bird skull I added at the bottom.

I love how you don’t even notice it all too much there, only if you really look at the project.

It adds that little edge to it. Eeeek my 15-year-old self is very proud right now!

So I leave you here with the tutorial for this project and a wish for a good year, lets ease into it with a gentle stretch and see what it brings!

Lots of love,

Iveta xxx

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1 comment:

mamablitger said...

So lovely and very exciting . It looks genuine vintage . You are so talented . Thank you for sharing and for the great video. I enjoyed so much to watch it.
Hugs from Monica ….. Spain

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