Monday, 26 July 2021

July Ambassadors' Spotlight


Hello friends,

This month host of our monthly Ambassadors' Spotlight is Vasilis Kontos with theme inspired by machines by Leonardo da Vinci ...Lets discover a magic world full of mystery,secret machines etc

The tank

Leonardo Da Vinci,was always a great inspiration for me as an artist.Following his innovations I was admired him ,how never person he was and how many machines he created ,and today industries used them to manufacture a lot of thinks.So in my project I tried to imitate his first tank as he designed.I check a lot of photos to see how look like and try to understand how he designed and constructed.I hope my imitation off the first tank is close of what he designed and you enjoy.

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Look for the magic

When looking at the machine drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, I was intrigued by the flying apparatuses. I found the detailed drawings of the bat like wings the most beautiful and inspiring. Using those, and the beautiful sepia tones of the drawings as my inspiration, I created a machine of my own. Well, I maybe shouldn’t call it a machine when the inspiration was a master of mechanics as it’s more a collection of gears. 

I started by coloring a block of wood black with black gesso. On top I then collaged some pieces of old books and music notes using Soft Body Gel as my adhesive. I then colored the whole surface with a combination of three different Liquid Acrylic colors. Then I made the assemblage on top using both Mechanicals gears and die cut ones. I also re-used a piece of an older project I did for a publication.

I first was playing with the idea of doing the wing myself by using some kind of wooden pins and paper or leather paper. But then I remembered that Finnabair had a perfect mould for the job! I casted the wing piece using hot glue, my favorite way, and then colored it. I didn’t want a perfect, solid coating so it was a process of adding and rubbing off paint when coloring. I’m really pleased how the wing turned out. There’s still places with the translucency of the glue showing, imitating the translucency of thin leather or cloth the wing might have been made. 

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I’m enchanted by the subject of challenge, I created my interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci's work. A clock with a composition that hides magic, astrology and mechanics This time I bet on wonderful liquids, cracking paste, Tissue Paper - Journaling Minis - Celestial Music and wonderful gilding from Finnabair. There were also metals and castings. 

I am curious about your interpretation of the topic! I painted the base of the clock with gess and after it dried, I glued the Tissue paper. It really wonderfully highlighted the topic of my work. I glued my 3D compositions on very strong Heavy Body Gel ❤ It is wonderful and holds heavy ornaments very well even before drying. I added Art Stones and spilled all liquids. A bit of cracking paste, adding gilding and it's ready.

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Have a good evening!

Finnabair Team

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