Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Finnabair Fall 2021 reveal

 Hello friends,

I mentioned in my IG posts that Fall 2021 release is a small but mighty one... and I really mean it! I can't wait to share my new stencils and waxes with you - and I hope you will be as enthusiastic as my Team! As always we are here to inspire you and to spread a bit of love for mixed media here we go!

Let's start with 6 new designs of Finnabair Stencils! There is a bit of everything that I love: old wallpapers and tiles, beautiful handwriting, old book pages and on the top of that machine sketches and blueprints  - all that together is possible to use in a wide range of projects starting with vintage, through steampunk, romantic, shabby to finally get to clean and simple and modern! Crisp images, great quality, and beautiful details make them unique and easy to use. The sky is the limit!

Victorian Tiles



Bindweed Wallpaper


Book of Numbers

I’m so happy to share a closer look at the box I've altered for you using new Finnabair Stencil and Art Alchemy Matte Waxes. I really like the natural, earthy colour palette and beautiful contrast of shiny and matte structures on the lid! The stenciled numbers look just fabulous I think: crisp yet vintage, thy add a nice detail matching the dimensional composition of the grungy elements! They best part is they can work in almost every style: steampunk, clean and simple, artistic and modern - you name it!

New Products (soon available in stores):
Finnabair Stencil - Book of Numbers
Art Alchemy - Matte Waxes: Ochre, Stained Wood

Full list of supplies with active links to Mixed Media Place store:


Here’s a little horsey I made while playing around with Finnabair’s new release!

I used this MDF rocking horse base that I’ve had lying around in my “Base stash”.

First thing I did was apply raised stencil using “Victorian tiles” stencil and Modeling Paste on to the front and back of the horse for some beautiful textured background.

I added a little focal 3D collage on one side using a range of Finnabair mechanicals, some glass beads and painted the whole thing using Black Heavy Gesso.

I then used the new Stained wood and Ochre Matte waxes to add some colour and i really love how it made it look like it was made out of both wood and metal at the same time.

Finally I added a little touch of Vintage Gold metallique wax on to the raised parts and edges, just for that final “luxurious” look and that’s it!

I hope this little project will inspire you to make some of your own!

Iveta xx

New Products (soon available in stores):
Finnabair Stencil - Victorian Tiles Stencil
Art Alchemy - Matte Waxes: Ochre, Stained Wood

Full list of supplies with active links to Mixed Media Place store:

Now it is time to introduce you to 2 NEW colours of the Matte Waxes: Ochre and Stained Wood. Known for their unique matte, opaque finish Art alchemy Matte Waxes are the best choice when you'd like to create nature-inspired, grungy, and dusty effects on your artworks. These 2 new, earthy tones are made to give us a chance to get inspired with the look of the clay, sand, old wood, suede and leather. This set is a must-have on many shelves!

New tools and media always spark the imagination! Because of the earthy colors of the new waxes, the idea of a forest driad came into my head. I used the new mask filling up the whole of my base. I sealed the composition with white gesso and gave it colors with liquid acrylic paints. At the end I used new wax to color cardboards and some of the ornaments. 

The closer I got to the composition the more layers of wax I tried to apply to make the color more intense. This created beautiful shadows.

New Products (soon available in stores):
Finnabair Stencil - Documented
Art Alchemy - Matte Waxes: Stained Wood

Full list of supplies with active links to Mixed Media Place store:

Hello everyone!

The colors of the new Matte waxes are sooo good. Just wait until you get your hands on them!

Earthy, smelling amazing (as always) and so easy to apply and work with. 

I made these two tiny canvases – one in white and one in black to show you how they look on a different colored base and used together. 

I`m into using some old spools of thread and buttons lately, so don`t mind me. 

But they do give a great textured base to my projects, don`t you think?

New Products (soon available in stores):
Art Alchemy - Matte Waxes: Ochre, Stained Wood

Full list of supplies with active links to Mixed Media Place store:

We will show more projects soon! So stay tuned if you want to be inspired.

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