Friday, 23 July 2021

In-between world by Olga Sępkowska

 While creating this project, I was guided by the vision of two worlds: the living one, overrun by plants, and the dead one, where you can find long forgotten object or creatures. Between these two worlds everything blends and mixes.

I created a composition out of mold castings with skulls as the centerpiece. Around the skulls you can find flowers, wooden items and, of course, bones. I organized the composition so that the upper part is dominated by flowers and warm colors, while the lower part is dominated by bones and various items colored with intense violet.

My in-between world couldn't be complete without the sparkle of unicorn pastes and glass glitter. Each project deserves a beautiful finish and although it may seem that these small additions do not give much, they wonderfully affect the perception of the whole project. That's why it makes good sense to take care of every detail of your project. 

In the video you can find all the steps of making this project. I hope you enjoy it.



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