Thursday, 24 June 2021

Treasure box by Olga Sępkowska

Can a box be a gift? I think a handmade one definitely can! Although I do plan to put something special in it. Of course, the box is matched with a future gift that will be an old, tiny anvil. I hope the person who receives the gift will enjoy it!

I needed a lot of rust to get an irregular texture, which I highlighted with wax (white gold) at the end. I love that moment when the wax completely changes the created project. All the details become visible and the project gains depth. I wanted my rust to look aged, as if someone had left this box in the attic for many years. That's why I added darker paint and shadows under the composition in some places. 

If there's rust, of course there must be pipes and cogs. The variety of available cog patterns in Finnabair moulds makes my heart happy. Creating compositions from them is a pure pleasure. And when you have molds, you can pour as many of them as you need. That's probably why they are present in so many of my projects. 

In the video you can find all the steps of making this box. I hope you enjoy it.



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