Friday, 11 June 2021

Queens of steam by Anastasia Kuznetsova

 Hello, friends!

Today I want to show you my new canvas on the theme of ancient Indian civilization. Mold «Queens of Steam» from Finnabair helped me to create it.

I took a canvas on a stretcher and created a texture on it using various pastes. I used White Heavy Gesso, Golden Dragon Effect Paste, White Crackle Paste, Paper Texture Paste and Plaster Paste. The last one I applied through a stencil. After the pastes were dry, I applied paints to the background. I will say right away that the background separately turned out to be very beautiful, but later it did not fit my idea and the composition, and I repainted it at the very end.

I covered all the elements of the composition with White Heavy Gesso. I used clay figures that I made with molds. I also used Mechanicals, Art Pebbles and Art Stones. I combined all the elements into a single whole with the help Heavy Body Gel. As paints for the composition, I took Liquid Acrylics and Black Impasto Paint. I highlighted the protruding parts of my composition using Waxes.

As I wrote earlier, at the very end I redid the background. For this I used Metallique Paints, Rust Effect Pasres, Black Impasto Paint and Waxes.

You can watch the creation process in this video. Enjoy, Anastasi.

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

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