Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Swinging Tags with Icing Paste - FB Live tutorial!

Hello, how was your week?
I'd like to tell you about mine, but It was all about "secret" stuff and real-life tasks like taxes or shipping, or ordering products for my classes in Australia and NZ, so you wouldn't be amused anyway.
Let's move on to more inspiring topics: how about a video tutorial for this, quite ornate and decorated tag with the extra swinging add-on? 
Oh, I had some serious fun creating it - starting with the real joy of using my NEW Art Extravagance Icing Pastes (yay!), going through several stages of embellishing and painting to finally add some wax touches on the top... but then, when everything was ready and I just wanted to join the elements it appeared I'm not capable of using basic scrapbooking tools... yes, my friends, putting an eyelet correctly may be a challenge!
Fortunately I was able to save the project by cutting it a bit smaller (you can't tell, right?) and I was really proud of myself - I saved the day! But hey - can you believe I've repeated EXACTLY the same mistake during the live video? Yeah, that would be so me...
Anyway - I hope you will enjoy this video - and you will fall in love with new Icing Pastes as much as I did! I couldn't wait to show you all, but there are some rules and I had to wait until Prima will officially release them all!

Here is the video, which is edited version of my FB Live - more of the tutorial videos
you can see on my You Tube Channel! Check it out!

Close ups of the finished projects - not bad for such a challenging finish!

Would you like to buy the products you've seen in the tutorial? Here are some links to Mixed Media Place to help, but make sure to check with your local retailers as well!

I hope you will have all a great time creating - don't forget to tag me @finnabair or @finnabair_studio on Instagram if you'd like me to see your projects or inspirations! That helps so much!
Sending love tour way

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