Thursday, 25 October 2018

Sparkle and Hope - journal pages and Art Daily Sneak Peek!

Hi again my friends!
I'm back here with 2 of the pages I've made recently. I didn't have much time working constantly on the classes in Australia and NZ, new products and much more - the reveal is coming soon!

I wish I could tell you going back to my journal was a pleasure, pure happiness and relax. But the truth is the longer is the break the harder it is for me to start.
It’s like my creative muscles are stiff and sore and I have to force them to make any moves. It takes a lot of strength and self-consciousness to hear this little voice inside you which is whispering “do it, your story matters” when your inner critic is roaring the exact opposite and you feel as if whatever you care is meaningless.
And there are tons of more important stuff to do right now...  I'm sure you know what I mean!
Nevertheless, I gathered some basic supplies - mostly leftover I had in one of the baskets on my table, I've picked some paints and stencils... and I did it. After the moments of hesitation and doubts everything started to come together - the deeper I was in the process, the easier it was!
I took one of my pressed flowers I've collected this summer, some laces and threads, a few chipboard elements and tape - and here it is!
I'd like to ask you for one important thing:
Don’t ever believe this loud, negative voice in your head. Don’t feed your inner critic with your fear. Don’t give it a chance.
I noticed the more regular you are in your art practice, the easier it is to keep this voice quiet and more confidence you have in yourself and your art. Creativity truly is a muscle - you need to use it to make it strong and healthy, but don’t overtrain it as well. Small steps matter.
(the sentiment in Polish: But I've got hope)

I was thinking if it will be possible to show you the supply list for these spreads - but it would be a very short one: stencil, set of stamps, White Heavy Gesso, a bit of paint and some 3D Gel and Soft Gel for glueing - not really impressive, huh?
You really don't always need a ton of supplies to create - you can create art with very limited access to art products, so don't let your empty table limit you!

Talking about making room and time for creativity, not listening to your inner critic and generally - artistic self-care, I've got a sneak peek of something very special for me. I hope I have your attention and curiosity tickled... stay tuned - more information is coming very soon! I can't really express for how long I was waiting for this to happen!

I'm wishing you all a beautiful, creative week - I will see some of you in Edinburgh this weekend, woo hoo!


Wilma said...

Thank you so much for sharing!!!

LCSmithSAVED said...

Intrigued, encouraged & inspired!

Marci said...

Great video and I loved watching you make your journal page.

selena said...

Magnifique, j adore!

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