Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Orange moth box by Anat Weksler

Hello, dears! It's Anat here sharing my new project. 

Due to some technical problems, I'm having this project that doesn’t have a video tutorial, but continue reading because I'm explaining here how I have done it. 

I altered a wooden Box using, of course, some of the amazing new moulds.  They are so inspiring I want to use them all the time and everywhere LOL.

To alter the box I primed it and adhered to all sides and lid, cotton Embroidery from my stash. After completely drying I covered it with Black Gesso and dried it.

Next, I built the cluster on the lid adhering the pieces with 3D Gel, and then let it dry overnight.

When well dried and glued together it was time to colour the cluster with Liquid Acrylic Paints: Carmine and True Yellow - spraying them with water to spread and form the beautiful shades.

I mixed Jade impasto paint with a bit of White Heavy Gesso and brushed the Embroidery on the Box. I dry brushed the cluster with the Impasto mixture and finally added here and there Burnt Sienna Liquid Acrylic paint.

Hope you like it as much as I do.

Thanks for stopping by!

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