Friday, 22 July 2022

DT Call

Hello friends,

We know, that many of you have waited for that moment :) We can announce today that we need to add some new, creative souls to our team. We know, that some of you are on cloud nine now :)

Have you got a passion for mixed-media and collage, journaling, painting or artistic scrapbooking?

Do you like to share your knowledge with others - create tutorials, videos and online events?

Have you got your own artistic personality and are not afraid of creative challenges? Yes?

How about applying for Finnabair Creative Team?

Maybe we are waiting just for you!

To help you with this decision, here are some guidelines and additional information

We are looking for:

- people with a passion for creating and ready to share their knowledge, ideas and love for art

- those of you who are good team workers, helpful, punctual, able to follow the deadlines and with positive, drama-free attitude

- creative souls with strong social media presence and skills - active Instagram and Facebook are a minimum, YouTube channel is a huge plus and  Blog and Pinterest accounts are very welcomed!

- those with good photography/video making skills, able to create good photos and tutorial videos for our blog and YT. Ability to create short videos for FB and IG, create Stories, Reels, and possibly live streams on these platforms is necessary.

- artists and crafters with communicative English

- creative people not active in too many Teams at the moment, especially with direct competitors with Finnabair brand. Active Prima Design Team Members are excluded from the call as well.

Being the part of Finnabair Creative Team means:

- You will get the chance to work with the most supportive and friendly team of artists and share your art with the worldwide audience. Our Creative Team Coordinator will guide you through our requirements for creative content, deadlines and everything else you need to know.

- You will enjoy the complete artistic freedom and the possibility to make art using a wide range of my products.

- You will get access to Finnabair products before anyone else and will receive free products pack to fuel your creativity

- You will be requested to create 1 great quality video tutorial per month, 1-2 IG reels per month, additional projects for every product release and from time to time projects, inspirations or videos for our co-hosted events or. There will be a schedule so you can plan everything in advance! A few times during the term you will be asked to create content for special events or to host an online event (Designer Challenge, Social Media Hop or similar), but we hope you love Finnabair products so much you'd like to create with them all the time and spread a word in your social media!

- You will have the possibility to present your creations on a very well known blog and all the related social media + take part in all the publications and events co-hosted with Prima... and other creative possibilities.

- You will be expected to be active in social media and our Facebook Group, posting projects created for the Team and sharing info about our events, publications and products.

- The contract is for 1 year, but we reserve the right to shorten it to 6 months or invite you again to join for another term!

If you feel this Team is the place for you:

- Please send your application telling us a bit about yourself to:

- Attach 3-5 photos of your most representative, favourite works (we don't need to see new creations) + links to all your social media (IG, YT, FB)

We'll be waiting for the submissions till the 20th of August.

We will do our best to confirm, that we have received your e-mail with the submission.

We will contact the chosen people by September 10th.

I can't wait to see your emails!

Sending love and hugs

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