Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Mysterious East by Anastasia Korvyakova

 Hi, mixed media fans! Anastasia is here with a new project about the beautiful and mysterious East.

In this work, I wanted to show you how amazingly Opal Magic Paints works with Acrylic Paint from the Metallic series. I chose Hazelnut Metallic Paint in a pair with Blue-Gold and Pink-Blue Opal Magic Paints.

I applied a mix of Texture Powder with White Gesso through Dandelions Stencil to create a background pattern. At the top of the panel, I created a composition of chipboard. Each detail was painted in two colours: first I applied Hazelnut paint to a part of the chipboard, and then I used Magic Opal paints. That's why I have three colours on the surface - Blue on the white part, Brown where I applied the Hazelnut paint, and Gold where the Opal Magic paint lay on the Hazelnut metallic paint.

I also added Golden Flakes and Glitter from various sets.

Watch more details in the video tutorial I prepared for you.


Anastasia (aka Nastyalena) 

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