Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Winter 2021 New Products - inspiration part 7

Hello friends,

We are here today with a few inspirational projects by our Team members. All new products should be available in stores now and I hope you will enjoy using them :)

I love playing with rust. New products help take rust projects to the next level. You don't need anything more than new molds to create a composition - cogs smaller and larger, a woman's face that is perfect for a focal point and dragon or bat wings that add a special vibe. 

But it doesn't stop there, because there is still new media after all. And here a new paste in black deserves special attention. Doesn't it look wonderful under the skulls?

To bring out all the details, I used matte wax. This is perfect when you want to highlight something without necessarily adding shine. I really like the dusty effect it gave.

New Products:

Imaginarium Moulds: Machine Parts, Wings&Bones, Queens of Steam
Jewel Effect Paste: Sparkling Onyx
Matte Wax: Shabby Pink

List of supplies with active links to Mixed Media Place store:

I have created this flamingo a few months ago but couldn't decide how it should be colored, so it was standing all Black until the new release arrived. As soon as I laid my  hands on the new Matte Waxes I knew  that's what I was waiting for! I loved the interesting look they gave my Flamingo.

New Products:

Matte Wax: Shabby Pink, Sage Leaves, Faded Denim

List of supplies with active links to Mixed Media Place store:

Hello friends!
I would like to share this simple little project I made using Finnabair Metallic Flakes and Moulds with you!

This project came about as me not wanting to leave the flake swatches as they are and wanting to put them to good use.

First I casted these amazing skulls out of Finnabair “Birds & Bats”, “Wings & Bones” and “Skull & Bones” moulds. I wanted to make some out of each mould because they’re all different size so I wanted to see what they looked like.
I then painted each skull with Black Heavy Gesso and applied different mix of Metallic Leaves to each of the skulls. ( I must say I have two favourites, the “Sparkling” and “Gold” are just amazing!)
I then painted these small plywood tags with Black gesso and used Redesign with Prima stamp “Floral Script” on the back of the tag, and Finnabair’s “Read my Letter” stencil on the front for some simple but beautiful background.

Once I was happy with the way my tags looked I simply used some Heavy Body Gel to glue the Skulls on and put some White ribbon through to finish it off!

And here you go, very simple, clean and tidy project to inspire all of my Gothic, emo and alternative lovers out there! ( I know my inner emo is very pleased haha! )
Lots of love,
Iveta xxx

New Products:

Imaginarium Moulds: Skull&BOnes, Wings&Bones, Birds&Bats
Metallic Flakes: Sparkling, Steampunk, Copper, Vintage
Guilding Glue

List of supplies with active links to Mixed Media Place store:

I had this moos in my stash for years. I picked it up so many times but never had that exact idea that would feel perfect fit for it. But when I first laid my hands on the gorgeous new Jewel effect pastes, I knew that the Sparkling Onyx will be perfect fit. So, I colored it with this gorgeous effect paste and on top added some blue highlights with new Faded denim matte wax. For a bit more magical touch I added some Mermaid Unicorn effect paste on top. I embellished it with casts from new Machine parts moulds and some gorgeous new flowers from Metal blooms set – new product in Mechanicals line.  

New Products:

Imaginarium Moulds: Machine Parts
Matte Wax: Faded Denim
Mechanicals: Metal Blooms
Jewel Effect Paste: Sparkling Onyx

List of supplies with active links to Mixed Media Place store:

Have a great day!

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