Monday, 2 December 2019

The Old Adventure by Kasia Bogatko

Today I have a classic mixed media project for you. I used the technique well known to you, with black gesso and waxes. However, I decided to refresh this technique a bit and added some rust effect pastes. I started the whole project by applying a pattern from a stencil using gel medium. It is thick and gives a very good, sharp design and dries quite quickly.

Then I started with my composition. I created it from various elements - metal, resin, cardboard. I covered the entire project with black gesso, to unify everything and to make sure that it would accept the media in the same way. And now the fun begins. At the beginning I used paints from the Opal Magic series, which on the black background may surprise, it is good to check it before. The delicate pink paint we see in the jar reveals its interior and the beautiful aqua color on a black background. The paint beautifully highlights details, enhances all fragments of the composition.

Now it's time for rust effect pastes. I used all three colors - brown, red and yellow - they also gave me a great, rough texture. Finally, I used light silver wax to emphasize a few elements of the composition more strongly. Thanks to this, it is more spacious, deep, certainly not flat.

Try to combine the glow with rust, contrary to appearances, they go together very well and give unusual effects. Get inspired by my video!

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

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