Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Romantic canvas by Anastasi Kuznetsova

Hello, friends!
Today I want to show you a small canvas. Its size is only 15 by 20 centimetres.
I started by creating a background. At first I applied a White Crackle Paste with a palette knife. It forms magnificent cracks. I love this product. After drying, I applied the Paper Texture Paste through the stencil. It has a beautiful rough texture. I again dried the background with a dryer and started painting. I applied some sprays, dried and applied Metallique Paints. Then I added some stamps and white spray using the Heavy Gesso.

After my background dried out, I proceeded to create a multilayer composition. I used various decor: metal, paper, clay and so on. I covered the clay figures with Black Heavy Gesso, applied a few sprays and covered with Wax on top. I painted the chipboard with Metallique paint, and applied Liquid Acrylic on top to make the color more interesting.

After all the elements were in place, I added accents in the form of sequins and pebbles. I also tinted with paints and glued the beads with Soft Gloss Gel.
You can watch the creation process in this video.
Enjoy, Anastasi.

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