Monday, 1 June 2020

ATC storage box by Kasia Bogatko


My project today is an ATC storage box. Our team recently organized YT HOP for you with ATCs, and it inspired me to do this artwork. I decided to make a small box in which I could store it.

I wanted it to be solid enough, so I chose Heavy Body Gel for gluing all components. It dries a little longer than ordinary gels, but you can glue the most unusual elements, with non-standard shapes, not flat. You can be sure that everything will last for many years without damage.

I created my composition from resin cast from moulds. I coated them with white sand paste to get a more grainy texture. Only after that I painted everything with black gesso and added some color. I used Art Alchemy Metallique paints, spraying them with water before drying, thanks to which the paint filled all corners, emphasizing the details of the castings. Remember that you can only do such things when the paint is still wet. When dry, it becomes completely waterproof.

I didn't want the whole thing to be too gloomy, that's why I also used white gesso. I wanted a light effect, as if it were an old bas-relief, where only remnants of color remained in the recesses. In my film you will see exactly how to get such an effect, I invite you to watch.

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