Monday, 12 August 2019

Summer and sea inspired altered Alarm Clock by Katja Joulak

It is summertime and so much inspiration outside. The colors in nature, beautiful places, the wind, sea and so much more. The sea is always an inspiration for me. I love the sand, seashells and the surroundings nearby the ports. So today I show you a metal alarm clock that is inspired by seabed.

My alarm clock with the pearl treasure inside. The textured clock was altered with different texture pastes and some mini Art Stones. The effect you can create with the liquid acrylic paints is just amazing.

There is a video for you.

Thank you for watching!
Xoxo Katja

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1 comment:

Jolanda's Blog said...

This is fabulous!!!! I have a real alarmclock waiting to be altered, but I miss the courage LOL

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