Friday, 2 August 2019

Just Make Art by Kasia Bogatko

Surely there are so many times, when you have lost your creativity. You would like to create something, but everything goes so hard. In such moments I reach for proven solutions and techniques. I want to create something, play in my studio, relax, get my fingers dirty. This is not a moment for epochal discoveries, so you don’t have to bother with it. I just take my favorite products and just have fun. That's how this project was made.

I really wanted to see how a paper die-cut would work as a background element. When using the media, not all solutions will give the intended effect, however, sticking the paper with the help of 3d Gell and covering with the clear gesso made it perfect. Thanks to this you can work without fear that the paper will be destroyed.

To add color, I used beautifully shimmering Art Alchemy paints and waxes. Thanks to the fact that after drying they are permanent, you can easily add other paints and water media.

I really like the result I achieved thanks to the combination of Art Alchemy Opal Magic paint and Rust Effect Pastes. The blue-green paint creates the perfect patina effect.

If you are stuck at your desk, I recommend this solution - go for your favorite techniques, tutorials, do not be afraid to repeat. It's a great way to unlock your head. And if you need more inspiration, please enjoy my video.

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:


Sue Lelli said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS and I loved watching your process!

MammaYaya said...

Beautiful project Kasia! I love the textures and colours very much!
Whenever I feel stuck I know I can always find inspiration here!!
Sheila Styre-Briere

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