Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Angelica - why BIGGER is better (sometimes)! - by Finnabair

Hi again my friends!
I'm slowly going into my usual "teaching mode" which will start in September and I'm going through my spreadsheets, orders and class samples... and look what I've found! It's a class-made sample, so it is full of imperfections, but  this also will give t you the idea what are we REALLY doing during the workshop.
I don't think I was showing you this project on the blog before, and it is really one of my favourite ones to teach! Why?
Angellica Collage is a big canvas which is also a full-day class.
This means we can focus on one project for longer than just four hours! It's great to go deeper in details, techniques and options working at a bit slower pace. In my classes I'm doing my best to use the time to maximum, trying to guide the students through the whole process smoothly and as fast as possible, so they can take home a finished project as a future reference... its also true that if you won't finish in the class, most probably you will never come back to this project again, and this would be such a shame, right? I have to add from myself that most of my mixed-media artworks without the final touches look much worse than you could expect... so adding last bits and pieces is crucial!
Angelica is full of textures, details and metallic colours - it is a real mixed-media collage in my signature style and with the size reaching 60 cm it really is a statement piece you can put on display - but it needs a bit of time and love! 
At first, I was a bit unsure if such a long class will be well seen by my students, but after talking to many of you I felt encouraged to try longer, full-day projects as well and now I'm happy I did!
The benefit of working on one project longer is not only making something bigger in size but also getting more time to think on the placement of the elements, choosing colours, adding those" perfect touches". Just imagine putting every layer with love, adding next elements and seeing it all coming together in the end - it is really rewarding, empowering process! 
If you are one of those independent and artistic souls you won't be disappointed - during the class you can also add your personal elements if you wish and there is always a choice of patterns and colours, so each and every project is really unique.

 "Angelica" is based on techniques which are easily adaptable and transferable to other surfaces - and this is, in fact, the case with all of my classes. during the creating process, you can try a range of art mediums, starting with Art Basics: gels, gessos and then moving to various embellishments and Art Ingredients to finally work on the colour palette using my Art Alchemy range of products: paints and waxes. Sounds fun? It is!
For me longer class means more time to share not only product and technique information but also some more personal tips and tricks or just get in touch with my students, making this class a bit more special for both sides. Teaching is truly my element and as much as I don't like the paperwork and the time I have to spend on all the preparations the moment I'm stepping into the room is just turning into pure magic... so double treat for me!

If you were wondering if this kind of class is for you - I hope I could help!
You can check the schedule of my classes for the next months here, in "In-person classes" section of the blog.
I hope to see you in the classroom!


Tiitonyy said...

This project looks so beautiful to do. I look forward to attending this course in France. 😀😉

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