Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Santorini Memories and Brush Art FB Live!

Hi my friends!
Some of you may remember, that when I was recording my FB Live Show last week I mentioned the first plan was a bit different... but I got carried away a bit playing with elements, layers and textures, and the final result was not possible to fit into 1 h timeframe at all! Well, here it is - decorated wooden panel, inspired by colours and textures of beautiful Santorini. This is not a surprise, I think...
When I was starting working on this little piece of wood I realised colours from my new Texture Fantasy Rust Paste Set - Junkyard Treasures - are matching the palette of the island perfectly! This shade of blue, dirty red, even touches of purple were just perfect to work with our photos - I've picked one of the images I've printed a few days before - and this is how the story started.

 After adding some simple "brick wall" texture to the background and layering all the embellishments under the photo I had to make sure they will all stay in place once I will apply the Texture Fantasy Pastes - and a lot of water. In cases like that Art Basics Heavy Body Gel is a fast and sure solution - it holds everything in place, and once dry it is unbreakable.
The colours were made with 3 ingredients only: Art Basics White Heavy Gesso, homemade tea stain and Junkyard Treasures Rust Effect Pastes. It took me a long while to layer them the way I wanted and highlight all the details, add extra touches - but it was great fun and I had to stop myself before it was to much of the product to see the details! (Yes, that may happen, if you are a bit over-enthusiastic).

Sounds intriguing? Great! Let me help you with some more info!
Here is the list of the product I was using for this project 
- all linked to Mixed Media Place Store:

And now the best part - you can learn more about Texture Fantasy Pastes application and layering techniques watching the video below - it is recorded version of my FB Live show I've made later that week, using the very same Texture Fantasy Set! It's really amazing how much you can do with this kind of product, and if you have more than one set - your colour combinations are getting almost endless. I'm sure you are thinking about your favourite colour palettes - I do...

Here is the recorded video - enjoy and don't forget to share with your friends!

What do you think about this colour combination? Is it your cup of tea, or do you prefer more traditional, muted colour palettes? Let me know!
I hope I was able to send some inspiration your way this week - if you feel you need more don't forget to check our official Finnabair Brand Instagram account and FB Page - and if you'd like to see more of me personally - check me out here, on my private IG account!
Sending huge hugs to you all!


Cathy W said...

Omg!! That panel is beautiful!! Such a shame it was too long to video....the brush was cool but the panel is stunning ❤️­čĄŚ

Sue Lelli said...

Your Santorini creation is just STUNNING! I can't wait to play with these pastes! Thanks for the inspiration!

Renee said...

Thanks for that great tutorial! Love the colors

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