Friday, 10 August 2018

Dramatic art journal spread

Hello folks,
When we are about to go on holiday, usually we can pack limited supplies only, so many people decide not to create. But holidays are so relaxing that many people are more inspired and could joyfully let themselves to express their creativity. Tanyalee shows us that it is possible to create great art-journal spread with very limited supplies. We hope you would feel inspired <3

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Welcome back to another art journaling tutorial with Tanyalee. Today I am using minimal products to make a dramatic art journal spread.

My art journal pages typically start with laying down ephemera such as magazine clippings, book pages, text, tissue paper or gift wrap – and this spread is no different. I use Soft Matte Gel as an adhesive and to seal the collage so that wet media does not ruin them.

My second layer is generally acrylic paint in coordinating colours to the collage. In this case I have used Art Alchemy Impasto paints in Pitch Black and Azure. One of my favourite ways to use these paints is to blend them with my fingers and to spray them with water to create drips down the page.

I also love to add details to my spreads using dots and ink. Today I have used Opal Magic paint and Metallique Paint using the end of a paint brush, as well as white acrylic ink with a nib pen to create free illustrations.

And to finish off the spread I hand scripted a phrase, and added some ink splatters, because no page is finished without splatters!

And here is my video tutorial:

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, and I look forward to sharing another tutorial with you again next month.

Yours in messiness

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:


Sue Lelli said...

THIS is just Fabulous! Thx for the tutorial and the inspiration!

Ilana Polakiewicz said...

Beautiful page. <3

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